If you’ve ever wondered what are mommy issues or what are the top mommy issues signs (especially in men), then you're in the right place! Mommy issues in a man is very common unfortunately so understanding mommy issues psychology and how mommy issues affect relationships will be very helpful to create a happy, loving & long-term relationship & start HEALING those issues in yourself or your partner once-and-for-all. Enjoy! 😊

1. He Always Talks About His Mommy

I just watched a dating documentary and this man would just not stop talking about his mom: How great his mom is, how great she cooks, what her opinions are about politics and world views, and every other sentence or so was about Mommy. So, if you find a man who's constantly talking about Mommy, who sees mommy once a week, then you have somebody on your hands who may have Mommy issues.

He could talk about so many different things; He could talk about work, he could talk about hobbies, he could talk about his friends, he could talk about the world. But this particular person always ends up talking about their mom, and you may notice it in your conversations hat this topic is coming up just a little bit too much. So, watch out for this one.

2. He Can Be Insecure 

Think about it this way: A man has different archetypes inside of himself and if he is imbalanced in what we call the “inner boy”, meaning he has mommy issues, then he can be very insecure.

Why is that? Well, because he's still hoping that Mommy is going to rescue him, that Mommy is going to take care of him, that Mommy allows him to collapse, to just let go, that Mommy is going to hold the container for him. And because he doesn't feel secure inside of himself, he’s not naturally balanced in all of his archetypes, and he's rather imbalanced. The insecurity is left. 

He may not feel as lovable or he may not feel as worthy. And he definitely doesn't feel as if he's respecting himself. That's the thing with a man who has mommy issues – they don't respect themselves and unfortunately that also means that they can never really respect you fully as well, or they respect you because they're projecting onto you; they put you on a pedestal in the hopes that you’ll take care of them. This can also be known as the Peter Pan Syndrome.

3. He Feels Entitled

Something about my husband, I recall, is that he hates high-chair tyrants. So, think about a little boy sitting in his high chair – “I want the ice cream! I don't want any more food.” He's terrorizing you; he's tyrannizing everyone. He's just really making sure that everybody has a horrible time because he doesn't get his way. So, watch out that he's not entitled.

Watch out if you go to his house and his mom is catering to him and he's maybe even slightly disrespectful to his mom. He's not really grateful. He's just taking this all for granted. He's just entitled. He feels like the world owes him. That's another one you want to look out for, is when they feel like the world owes them. It's like, no, you have to earn your accolades. The world doesn't owe you anything. If he seems to live like a little prince, then there's something really immature about it because he's not taking responsibility. He's expecting everybody to cater to him. 

So, you can actually notice that. Particularly this goes into the direction if you meet men who are more beta males. The dating website Bumble has a really high rate of that, where they’re more responsive to you, where you have to initiate more – you have to come up with the ideas and with the plans. He's just entitled – “No, I don't need to do anything. You have to run after me and you have to jump through all the hoops. I'm just here hanging back and you do your thing, or you don't do your thing.” But it's this entitlement. Everybody has to come to me. Everybody has to do what I want to do. There's no balance. That leads me to symptom number four. If you'd like to learn more about this I'd highly recommend taking our free “Mommy Issues In Love” quiz to get your custom gifts & support now using the special button below!

4. He Always Thinks You Will Hurt Him

He always feels you can hurt him and this is again, of course, because he got hurt by his mom. He didn't get his needs met. When we have our needs met in our childhood, we don't end up being out of balance. We don't end up being entitled. We're actually very balanced and we’re actually very giving, very generous, but also respectful of ourselves. We're respectful of other people, as well. We're really coming from a full cup.

What happens with men who have Mommy issues is that they are afraid to get hurt. So maybe they didn't get their needs met from their mother. Maybe their Mom didn't give them the attention they really needed. Maybe she never attended to their needs in the appropriate moment at the appropriate stage. Maybe they never felt safe to say “no” to set boundaries, because the mom was like a matriarchy, or was really harsh or was not warm at all or was really cold, or was maybe even a narcissist as well; that goes into that category two. 

Then what happens is that he's expecting all females to hurt him. So, he can become very defensive, which is not really fun to be in a relationship with, because he projects onto you and he's always looking out for the red flags, which can feel exhausting and it can literally feel like you're walking on a minefield, and who wants to do that? If you want more support with this I'd also highly recommend joining our FREE Facebook Dating Support group now using the special link below!

5. He Disrespects Women

Finally, symptom number five is that he disrespects women. Why is that? Well, here's the thing, he gave power away to his mom, which was his first female sample of humanity. And then and then later on he started to resent her for that, because he didn't get his power back. In order to get his power back he has to resent her; he has to withdraw from her; he has to disrespect her. And he also has this resentment towards himself.

If you think about it, he didn't want to give his power away. He wanted to stay in his manlihood, in his masculinity. He maybe wanted to set boundaries and be respected for the needs that he feels inside of his body, whatever the case may be, that didn't get met. That's the thing that you really want to look at, is what happened to make this particular man become really disrespectful towards women?

Mommy Issues Signs In Males Conclusion

So those are the top five mommy issues signs! For more great content like this, subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE, and If you want to discover how to HEAL mommy issues and start attracting the right loving long-term relationship of your dreams, I invite you to take my FREE “Magnetize Your Man” Quiz and get your personalized strategy using the link now below!

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