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In this article, you will discover five easy habits that make you more attractive, instantly!

Hi, I'm Antia Boyd, founder and creator of the “Magnetize Your Man” method and if you are new to my blog, make sure you comment and subscribe so you get notified of more juicy articles coming your way. So let's go ahead and dive right in!

5. Have Good Posture

Habit number five, have good posture. Research shows that when it comes to body language if you walk upright – you have your spine straight – that automatically increases your level of confidence. Compared to when you look down or hunch over, that decreases your level of confidence. So there's something to be said about really watching your posture. So take notice and see if your hip is crouched back – you are collapsing forward – just move your hip a little forward so you’re sitting up straight, it’s a healthy habit to be mindful of and continue. So watch your posture and that will make you instantly more attractive. 

4. Wear Red or Pink Tones

Habit number four is to wear more red or pink tones. Now, this of course depends on what your color specialist says. We get our colors done professionally because, in reality, you’re going to have your unique red. You can uncover this when you press your thumb and you can see what your red is. We will also post a button for more information on the color analysis below this article, but I highly recommend it because you will have your red tone. Don't wear outright red because “Antia said I should wear red.” I see women do this all the time after they read that, and of course, men stop sliding when they see red because it's an attention-grabbing color. 

Pink tones on the other hand, actually cause feelings of trust. So, if you want to actually have someone come more into your world, especially if you're somebody who is a little bit more stand-offish, energetic or men are easily intimidated by you. Pink tones are a much more inviting and welcoming color that you can wear either as a jacket or as a blouse to make those guys feel safer to approach you. 

3. Be Curious

Number three is to be curious. People don't care until they know how much you care. Now, of course, if you're already on the people's side, if you already give all your power away or you ask all the questions all the time, then for you it's going to be more about being curious about yourself. You want to lean more into inviting somebody else in to be more curious about you. If you're more self-focused on the other hand, and you're struggling with reaching out, asking more questions, maybe you're leading the conversation but you're not necessarily curious – curiosity is an opening, an expansion, experimentation. Curiosity is not closing the loop or getting to a level of certainty as fast as you possibly can, that's not what curiosity is all about because curiosity, after all, it's a much more feminine trait.

Get them to expand on that, “Oh, just tell me more about that, tell me more about yourself” and that will feel more like you’re taking a seat with them at the table, instead of trying to get to an outcome, where it's almost like we're on the go, we're checking the time, right? We're looking straightforward but we're not really taking a seat. It almost feels we are ready to jump off the train, so to say, versus going inside the train and sitting down and feeling like I'm actually connecting with this person I'm actually building rapport with this person right? I'm actually creating a “co-creator feel” together with that person. 

So be curious, think about what you want to know. It's so fun to think of and ask questions like, “If you were an animal, what would you be and why?” “If you weren't in this country, what country would you be and why?” “If you were a kitchen utensil…” I know you guys will be laughing, I can already see the comments later on. If you were a kitchen utensil what would you be? And as a bonus question what accent would you have? So be curious and with that and also, be playful, have fun! 

2. Be Courageous

Habit number two is to be courageous. Okay, so this can actually take on many different forms. So courageous to you, may actually mean really taking a risk, really jumping out of a plane, so to say. But for the most part, the women that come to me are already so much on the masculine side, that taking a risk for them, actually means sharing more and being vulnerable. Maybe they're on a date and what's vulnerable or courageous for them, is actually saying when the man talks a lot and they can't follow along.

For example, “Excuse me, that's a lot of content. Thank you so much for sharing. Can you just allow me to take a breath to just digest all the beautiful information because there's so much here I really want to understand?” That can be very courageous for some women, right? So really think about what being courageous can be at different times for you – taking a breath or at other times, being courageous can be a massive risk. I invite you to do that and to really see… It's almost surprising to yourself. 

A few years ago, I surprised myself and what I did was, I was in a workshop and, you know I promised myself that I would create a trusting and authentic relationship with men. So there was this guy that I was interested in but of course, as you already have experienced yourself, I got a lot of mixed signals from him. So, what was courageous for me, was letting him know that I was attracted to him. Without asking him if he was attracted to me without asking him out on a date. Just sharing. So this is the thing, you’ve got to really figure out what's authentic for you. This was authentic for me and so it was really perfect because for one, he cried, which was really beautiful and he said he's never had a woman open up that before. Also, even though he told me that he had actually just met, who turned out to be his future wife, (they now have two beautiful kids and everything wonderful) it was so incredible because I didn't even feel rejected. I remember I was driving home and I was feeling so expressed because I took a courageous step and I really was proud of myself, I surprised myself. I did something different than my normal self would do, I stepped outside of my comfort zone. So think about what that could be for you.

1. Smile

And finally, number one, smile! I know some of you have this resting bitch face, just the other day, I was at a party with my husband, and he said, “Did you see that woman across the table? She looked like she was in a bad mood and she had this bitch face.” And I was sure she just has the RBF which is, of course, the resting bitch face. I'm sure she's actually a lovely person but unconsciously, she has her guards up, right? Unconsciously, what's happening is, she has experienced an emotionally unavailable parent in her life, and so what she does, is she puts our guards up with her face. So she's saying, “I want to connect, obviously, I'm here, but also don't invade my privacy. Don't come too close to me.” Now, this woman is also afraid to set boundaries accordingly. So what she does is she then already preemptively sets the boundaries through her resting bitch face. Don't do that. Okay? 

Research shows that people who are smiling are rated to be way more attractive, women and men alike. They're also rated to be much more trustworthy than the average person and much more confident. So next time, practice smiling, but don't fake a smile. What's really important is, and you can see that with actresses, and actors all the time, when they have to fake smile, their eyes are not smiling. So if you want to see if somebody is authentically smiling just really pay attention to if their eyes are smiling as well. 

If you’re not feeling it, don’t force it, don’t fake a smile. You don't want to do that because you'll send mixed signals. In that case, I'd rather have you not smile. So try smiling authentically, just smile a little bit before you leave the house. The other thing you can also do, practice internal smiling, smile with your heart or put some smiley faces on your throat internally. Remember the smiley stickers that we got in preschool when we did a good job? Just imagine they're on your heart or they're on your gut or they're on your throat and smile, smile out, beam up, and you will notice, it makes you instantly more attractive. 


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Antia & Brody Boyd
Antia & Brody Boyd

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