5 ULTRA FEMININE WOMAN SECRETS & SACRED FEMININITY TRAINING! ?? Knowing these ultra feminine woman characteristics and the ways of being of the ultra feminine woman can really help you to DRAMATICALLY increase your attractiveness to Quality Men. Knowing what is an ultra feminine woman and how to be an ultra feminine woman is also the first step to understanding the REAL feminine traits. Femininity traits can so often be confusing to women so realizing the real difference between masculinity and femininity can help you to EMBRACE femininity and the feminine archetypes to become your most magnetic self. Enjoy! ?

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Would you like to learn the five ultra-feminine woman secrets and sacred femininity training?

Hi, I'm Antia Boyd, founder and creator of the Magnetize Your Man Method. If you are new to my blog, don't forget to click that button right below and sign up so you get notified when more articles come your way that help you to attract that right man for you. 

Many women ask me every day, “Antia, how can I be more feminine?” I will not only show you how to be feminine but ultra-feminine, in your dating and your life. So here we go… 

5. Smile With Your Yoni

Secret number five is a smile with your yoni. Yes, you heard me right, I hope that shocked you a little bit but those are the secrets that feminine women use and have used for many lifetimes. Now, let me explain to you what I mean by this. Usually, we smile with our face, maybe with our eyes, but what happens if you imagine having little smiley faces where your yoni, where your special sexual energy is? 

Well, let me tell you, men have a very unique way of accessing where your focus is, and they can intuitively tell that you are more in touch with your femininity, that your focus is more in your pleasurable part, but on the other hand they don't know. So it's really fun, for example, say you're wearing sexy lingerie, but nobody knows about it. It's this mysteriousness that you are creating from this place. Now, turn on that smile at your yoni for about 5 minutes or 10 minutes because you may find that you get a lot of attention, and it may start to feel good. You may not be used to that right away, so definitely play with it. Try turning it off and off. When you’re walking around the grocery store or down the street, try turning it on and off.  I'm having so much fun doing that, and I can tell when a woman is doing it because she just has this special radiance about her, almost a charisma. 

4. Embrace Your More Chaotic Emotions

Secret number four is to embrace your more chaotic emotions. What does that mean? It's that rage, that anger, or it's that intensity and explosiveness about you, it’s the wildness and the part of you that can be a bit out of control. So think about that chaotic energy and how that feels as an emotion, it's not exactly organized, really polite or appropriate or adequate. Perfect! That's the emotions I invite you to express fully and start to increase your emotional range. When we do this our charisma increases ten-fold, and men don't even know what just happened. You can go from a place of being calm, maybe even potentially sad to all the way at the other end of the spectrum, and become passionate or enraged or fun or excited! Sometimes the more chaotic emotions can actually just be, you're feelings of happiness and joy and ecstasy. So embrace that more, learn to embrace all of you so you are massively magnetic. 

Now, why does embracing your more chaotic emotions make you more magnetic? Well for one, when you express yourself, the judgment towards that is going to diminish, which means all the emotions inside of you point in the same direction. You're saying yes to all of your emotions, not just some of them – if there is too much back and forth, you're sending mixed signals. You are coming off as being more neutral and bland, not magnetic at all and chances are that you're not going to be perceived as very feminine. So don't forget, embrace your chaotic emotions!

3. Become Self-Absorbed

Secret number three is becoming self-absorbed. Yes, you heard me and I know what you want to say. My mom was self-absorbed, my dad was a narcissist, I will never be them!  Well, look where you are right now, are you happy? Are you in the feminine flow? Are you magnetic? Is life effortless for you? No? Well, I'll tell you why… it’s because you're not learning how to bring energy towards you. So I want you to imagine you're absorbing yourself, all your parts inside of yourself. 

Let's take the word self-absorption, apart. You're absorbing what you do, you absorb other people’s emotions all the time too. You take on other people’s emotions because you think that helps them, and they can't help themselves. That’s how babies think too. You took on the emotions of your parents because you thought you could manage them better. Again, you were absorbing their emotions, but you were not absorbing yourself. In doing that, all the tension is moving away from you towards the other person because that's what you learned, to give yourself to others. Now we're finally learning to be ourselves. We're absorbing the energy, receiving the energy, we are being visible. So, of course, what that takes is expanding your capacity to receive all of yourself, to receive your angry self, to receive your sad self, to receive your nasty self. I'm talking about the edgy parts, as well, the parts that create a lot of charisma and magnetism inside of yourself. What you will notice is you will get much more attention from the other person, and they won't even know why they are giving you all this attention, but there's just something about you.

Have you ever watched the movie, “There's Something About Mary”? What is that something? Where do you think that's coming from? It's that internal capacity that she holds. She knows she attracts, and she magnetizes. 

2. Make Tension Your Friend

Which leads me to secret number two, which is to make tension your friend. Yes, you heard me right. You may have just thought whoa, I'm supposed to smile with my yoni, I'm supposed to embrace all my crazy emotions, I'm supposed to be self-absorbed. That creates a lot of tension inside of your body, but think about it this way – when you have a musical instrument, tension is not necessarily a bad thing. When you have a guitar or a violin, tension will determine how much tune and what sound you're getting from that instrument. The same goes for you. Like what level of tension can you hold? How much fun can you have? How seductive can you be? How tempting can you be? Are you tempting life? Are you seducing life? Can you hold tension? 

A good way to practice is to watch one of your favorite shows and don't look up what happens next. You know you can always read spoilers on the internet, so practice not knowing, and being in that tension and anticipation. You know there are many different outcomes, and learning to not only sit with that but to also use it to manifest what you want to create in your life even faster. How is that? Tension has a lot of momentum, as you know. When you release tension, that’s a lot of momentum that's being released. That tension holds a lot of power and helps you to manifest what you really want. Tension is indeed a magnet. 

1. Turn Everything Into Pleasure

Finally, secret number one of the ultra-feminine woman is to turn everything into pleasure. So what do I mean by that? Think about it this way, let's say you're angry right now. How can you be angry and let it out by turning it into a more sensual dance – allowing that anger, that rage to move in a pleasurable way through your system? I'll give you another example, a few years ago, I was at a woman's conference, and I was called because I was asking a very edgy question about power. I was told that I could come across as borderline arrogant. So what I ended up doing at that particular conference is I did a pleasure dance. What would we normally do? Get defensive – somebody called me arrogant, “Oh my God! No, I'm not arrogant! I'm loving, and I'm compassionate, and I know I care so much about everybody else.” We would bring up our shame shield and play it down. Instead, I was doing a sexy dance because I really wanted to make sure that I move that “shame” that was coming up, that discomfort into pleasure. This is very different from going on the attack when we feel shame or we into denial when we feel shame. No, I allowed that emotion to move from my system into a dance. 

So I invite you to do whatever comes up for you. For me, it was arrogance because my dad would always say, “Who do you think you are?” So arrogance is a big one for me, and then from my mom, it would bother me to be a burden. Those are my big things, my shadows, so I better own and integrate those two shadows and the same goes for you. Think about what were your core emotions when you were a little girl, as well? What was communicated to you from your dad? What did you get communicated from your mom? And what do you resist in response to that? Don't do that anymore. Turn everything into pleasure. 


Now of course I want to hear from you. Leave me a comment in the comments section. The question of the day is which of those five signs is your favorite? How are you planning on implementing that? If you like this article, please share it with your girlfriends. Have fun experimenting and exploring some of those tools that I taught today. And for those of you who feel like “Wow Antia! This was a lot!” How in the world am I supposed to start integrating that without having all my defence mechanisms and all my protection mechanisms come up? Then I invite you to take my Magnetize Your Man Quiz by clicking the button below.

Antia Boyd
Antia Boyd

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