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The Secret To Create An Amazing Happy Relationship Of Your Own Without Frustration  Or Rejection
Quickly Manifest A Relationship Where Your Man Is Eager To Prioritize You In His Life For The Long Term
Eliminate Anxiety, Frustration & Desperation So You Can Finally Experience The Type Of Relationship You Want Without Worrying Or Feeling Insecure
Create A Deep Connection Mentally, Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually So That Your Ideal Man Feels Bonded To You For Life
Learn Breakthrough Techniques To Get A Man To Chase You & Commit Himself To You So That You Can Finally Feel SECURE In Your Relationship

Meet Our Top Acclaimed Love Experts For Your Free Online Course!

Ryan Patrick

Male Psychology Texting Secrets To Draw Him Close

Chris Seiter

Do THIS To Make Him Commit To You

Mark Rosenfeld

Phrases That Only Emotionally Unavailable Men Say

Lisa Shield

How To Know If He's Really The Right Guy For You Or Not

Dr. Diana Kirschner

How An Anxious Attachment Style Can Sabotage Your Love Life & What To Do About It

Wendy Newman

How To Attract Your Man, Even If You Don't Feel "Ready" Yet

Larry Michel

How To Be Magnetic To A Man

Lisa Copeland

Unspoken Expectations That Keep Away Your Mr. Right

Erica Goodstone

How To Heal Old Wounds & Attract A Loving Relationship

Dave Elliott

Resolving The Invisible Blocks That Keep You Single

Dr. Gary Salyer

Secrets To Create Lasting Love Without Men Pulling Away

Denise Kavaliauskas

Healing From & Preventing Narcissistic Emotional Abuse

Sandra Hay

Attract Your Soulmate & Grow Your Feminine Self-Esteem

Kim Quick

The #1 Fastest Way To Find Love With Online Dating

LeAnn Lazar

Getting Long-Term Love As a Single Parent

Joe Amoia

The Top Reasons Why Men Disappear

Evin Rose

Embracing your Magnetic Authenticity

Sarah K Ramsey

Becoming Toxic Person Proof

Camille Virginia

How To Meet Quality Men OFFline

Mimi Tanner

The Psychology of Attraction

Bob Grant

Why Men CRAVE Your Emotions

Valerie Adams

Dating App Secrets

How The Online Event Will Work

After Claiming your free Online Event registration, you will receive Your expert interview training Recordings delivered to you every day for several days after Our event goes LIVE on Monday October 25th. You will Then have 48 hours Of Full access To watch each Video Recording Released During The Event!

Meet Your Event Host, Antia Boyd!

Hi, I’m Antia Boyd, and it's great to “meet” you here! 😊

I was born in communist eastern Germany before the wall came down, and was single my ENTIRE LIFE before I finally hired my own love coach, discovered the “Magnetize Your Man” Method and attracted my amazing, handsome and supportive husband Brody!

I’ve now been helping thousands of successful women all over the world for over a decade to attract their man to share their life with & have a loving, long-term relationship ASAP without loneliness, frustration or rejection!

I studied Personality Psychology at U.C. Berkeley, am NLP and Dream Coaching certified and have spoken on hundreds of stages and radio shows all over the world including Google, the Harvard University Faculty Club and Good Morning San Diego.

I’ve also been featured on ABC Radio, America Trends TV, The Great Love Debate and for over a decade studied EVERYTHING that I could get my hands on in the areas of love, psychology and creating an amazing, happy relationship with your man the easy way without fear, trust-issues or men pulling away.

I now live with my loving, strong & committed hubby of 7 years, and I look forward to helping YOU to feel fully loved, safe and cherished by your ideal man without sadness, insecurity or an unhealthy relationship! 💗

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Reviews From Past Attendees

“Thank you so much Antia... I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the videos today; they hit so many topics right on key for me... So glad to know there's someone out there who can help you understand your own ways and actions;. Esp. when you're anxious or don't understand confusion, that is involved in long distance love and relationships;. Looking forward to the rest of your event... Have a great day and Blessed week!” ~M.S.

“This has been an extraordinary event w/profound info I've never heard! Funny how things work and come together. I have been doing inner work, learning about LOA and breaking up with someone. I've been having people tell me there is a different energy, glow and countenance about me! Turns out I've been in the process of making the shifts the speakers addressed. Low and behold, a month before this summit, my friend introduced me to a male friend on Facebook. We have talked regularly. He just asked me out. I can see where his caliber and character and energy are radically diff from the other guys I've been with. Just wanted to share! " ~C.K.

“I would like to start with saying, WOW, this has been such an amazing experience so far. Thank you so much for making this a reality! You are changing women's lives! I can speak for myself and two of my women friends as well. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” ~C.M.

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“I'm writing to thank you. Frankly speaking at first I didn't wait much for the event, yet now I realize what a huge impact all those experts' advice and expertise had on my state of mind and energy. I'm so grateful for everything this professionals' community generously shared with the audience. The best thing is that my impression wasn't at all a skyrocket euphoria but has naturally evolved from mere curiosity into a strong desire to apply tips and techniques in order to support and enrich my own enhancement as a human being.” ~A.P.

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