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Congratulations on booking your FREE upcoming session with me and I’m super excited to chat with you more at your booked time!

I’m Antia Boyd if we haven’t met yet and I’m a top love coach for over a decade now with thousands of success stories helping women to get & keep incredible relationships all over the world together with my amazing husband of 9 years Brody.

In this powerful free session I’ll personally be helping you over Zoom to get much more clear on your current situation in your love life and what I can see as the best strategies and recommendations to help you to start breaking through to getting the loving, long-term and committed relationship that you want as soon as possible!

Romance doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore and having the right team & support on your side is critical and will make the biggest difference for you to get the love that you want just as I’ve seen with all of my successful clients that are now in super happy, healthy and fulfilling relationships with men that cherish and adore them more than anything else.

Make sure that you’ll be in a private location for your session where you won’t be interrupted and with a notepad available for you to take great notes on my top recommendations and new love strategies for you.

Also if you can’t make your session please let us know as soon as you can as spots are very limited for these complimentary bookings and we usually have a waitlist of women waiting to grab one.

Now to help you to prepare for your session fully to get the most VALUE out of it there are the 3 keys to our Magnetize Your Man Method that you’ll need to know about before our session to help you the fastest on your new love journey with us…

This method consists of three critical stages.

The first step is called Mapping and Mapping is one of the most critical for you to attract and keep a quality relationship with a high value man.

Mapping is about shifting your emotional relation-ability to men.

An example of this is when I was growing up…

I grew up in an emotionally distant household in Communist eastern Germany where both of my parents would rarely say words like “I love you” to me and affection in general in the house was nearly nonexistent.

Some may even say it was emotionally cold.

My mother would often push me away when I would try to crawl into the bed and say the hurtful words: “Don’t bother me.”

Because of this when I grew older and started dating guys I began attracting, guess what? Emotionally Unavailable Men.

I remember one experience I had with a man that I had dated early on who had very inconsistent communication and was very hot and cold and dismissive with me.

After not responding to one of my texts one evening I finally got sick of it and decided to drive to his house at night to wait in his driveway until he came home.

I waited and waited and finally started seeing headlights from a car pulling down the street and into the driveway.

I was sitting in the car with my heart pounding feeling like I had truly given away all of my power and all of my dignity.

I walked up to the window of the car to confront him and as the window slowly rolled down who did I see instead inside of the car? HIS SISTER!

They both lived in the same house and his sister took pity on me and invited her into the house for some hot chocolate.

She sat me down and to my eternal embarrassment began to explain to me how this wasn’t the first time something like this had happened and that her brother was a bit of a playboy and unfortunately likely not that into me.

I felt like may as well have disappeared into the center of the earth, never to be seen or heard from again.

Can you imagine that?

That is what we typically call “the “Doormat Dynamic”

This and similar challenges from men usually arise from your early experiences growing up in life which is why in this first step we need to rewire your Love Blueprint to create a new “Map” to have love come to YOU instead of you needing to constantly have to chase IT instead.

The 2nd step of the "Magnetize Your Man" Method is called “Magnifying”

Magnification is about breaking free of old unhelpful emotional patterns inside of you so that you can instead magnify and expand the helpful emotions inside of yourself to draw a quality man to you like a bee to a flower.

After I had moved to UC Berkeley to study personality psychology and figure out why my emotional patterns from childhood were affecting my ability to attract and keep a quality relationship, I was STILL having so many issues with men.

I had another man who lived in Chicago who had been making me promises over and over again that he would soon come visit me in California.

It ended up instead being delay and empty promise after delay and empty promise that was beginning to give me what almost felt like panic attacks.

I finally got to the point where I had enough.

It was time to break free of this unavailable and wish-washy behavior with men and be released of it once and for all.

After another disappointing text I decided it was time to break up with her old self. I turned on Taylor Swift and began singing “We, will never ever ever, get back together!”

It was powerful because in that moment I had a release and was able to detach from my connections to my old self sabotaging & neediness patterns with men that had been ramping up my anxiety.

The release allowed me to then start expressing emotions I had never felt before. I began feeling more free, certain about myself and my own value and trusting in the process that I could receive real love from a strong and masculine man.

I was able to clearly see the open loop pattern that kept me stuck in a cycle of anxiety, false hope and constantly attracting the wrong types of men who would never give me what I wanted.

That is why the magnifying step is so powerful because in it we can literally help you to close the open loop patterns inside of you that no longer serve you so that you can embody your authentic self with men that you desire without giving your power away or abandoning yourself.

This makes you magnetic and allows a man to actually connect with your real heart in a powerful way without trust-issues, resentment or past disappointments holding you back and getting in the way.

Which brings us to one of the most powerful stages of this process which is Manifesting.

You are a powerful woman who is 1000% capable of having the life and relationship that you truly want.

It is only because of old layers, beliefs and bad subconscious habits that have gotten in the way and caused a blockage in your love manifesting abilities.

When your Love Blueprint has been rewired, your old blocks and frustrating experiences with men have been released, now it is time for you to begin truly having what you want.

In my journey I had begun the deep release work and inner healing months before I even met my husband.

I had already studied all of the principles at university, read all of the books, and even hired my own 1:1 love mentor.

I completed the shifts that I needed to make and had transformed and removed nearly all of the negative programming from my childhood, my heart and from the culture around me and was now ready to begin manifesting to receive true love.

I first met my husband in Hawaii at a self development workshop, I found out later that my husband had been going through a dating phase of his life where he had been seeing multiple women and “playing the field” as they say.

However, he told me later that when he first started hearing me speak at the workshop that he knew that something about me was different, he was highly intrigued and he felt internally compelled to approach me and start a conversation after the event.

He said that he wasn’t quite sure what it was, but In our first conversation he knew that I had a different “energy” than the dozens of other women that he had been dating before me and that I was reaching a different level inside of him.

All that he knew was that he felt more connected to me than with the other women he had met and that he could actually “feel” me and that the connection was like a window had opened up where with other women that window had stayed closed.

In fact, he told me that I had apparently inspired such a sense of commitment inside of him that on our first date he surprised himself and told me that I was “the girl of his story” and that “we had a huge responsibility to humanity together.”

He knew that he had to keep seeing me and exploring the connection that he felt, find out why it was different and see if it was real.

He asked me out on another date and then another and soon he told me that this really was a completely different connection than with other woman and that he didn’t want to lose me.

He did a complete 180 from his “playboy” ways and soon was surprised to find that he had real feelings of love for me and asked me if I would be his girlfriend and later his wife.

It was only afterward that he had learned about my entire love journey and the specific process I had gone through that he knew why he had felt such an emotional pull toward me that he hadn’t felt with any other women that he had met.

You see, once you have cleared the blocks, removed the old self-sabotaging patterns and feel safe to fully receive what you desire, the only thing left then is to manifest and attract the right man and relationship for you into your life quickly.

This is because your new thermostat has been fully set and you are now a perfectly aligned match to draw in a quality man who wants to pursue, prioritize, fall in love with and commit to a rare woman just like you.

The relationship that Brody and I have is truly blessed and I am so grateful to have a man like him in my life to share that deep connection on all levels where we can be our full selves with each other and our dynamic together creates a supportive environment for our love for one another to continue to flourish.

And after 9 years of being married, a beautiful baby girl Aurora and family of our own it just keeps getting better and better. That is because of what happens when these critical shifts have been made and there is no longer anything blocking you from your path to pure joy and bliss in your love life.

When I first told Brody about this full process that I went through he told me right away that we need to teach this to as many other women as possible.

It was simply TOO GOOD not to share, because we could see a world where women are able to get back to their true selves and true expression with men before society, their childhood or other heartbreaks had gotten in the way.

If we could do that, that would be the true magic, “Love Pill” that we could give to the world together.

Since then we started spreading the word wherever we could, showing women that there was a better way of doing things so that we could start doing this process with women 1:1 and create as many happy, healthy and supportive relationships as possible.

We first helped one, then two then hundreds and hundreds of women to get into their own dream marriages, connections and relationships with high-value, attractive men that now loved and valued them more than anything else.

Our client Kim (a sought after interior designer) for example went from struggling with a fear of opening up again & low self worth to great communication with her new fiancée.

Our client Heather (a luxury realtor) went from feeling lost & low confidence in her dating to attracting her new life partner who was everything I was looking for on her list.

Our client Avani (a senior manager at a tech company, now with her own business) quickly moved from feeling resigned, doubting herself and having trust issues to feeling loved & safe with her new husband that she’s undeniably attracted to.

In order to attract the love of your life you first have to BECOME the love of your life.

This all starts with completing the “Magnetize Your Man” Method and process for YOURSELF as well.

This process is extremely unique and always needs to be customized and completed by each woman on a 1:1 basis to get the best results the fastest.

This is because every woman has her own unique journey that she’s been through, as well as her own unique past and current romantic situation that I may have recently gone through.

For example, you may have been divorced before, you could be in your 50s or 60s or you could be in your 20s or 30s. You could have a man you’re currently interested in who’s not giving you what you want or you may not have had a date for the last 10 years.

Either way, this process works exactly the same for every woman and gets the same consistent results when properly applied. It’s easy and quick but also extremely powerful and rapidly transformative.

We’ve seen it and we’ve done it over and over now for more women than we can count. The real question now is will YOU be next?

Love is real, love is possible and all it takes is a willingness now to say YES to receive the joy, safety and bliss that comes from being willing to receive that!

That is why I decided to offer a few of these FREE 1:1 “Magnetize Your Man” Breakthrough Sessions with me.

This is for you if you are tired of the games, the frustration, the lonely nights and doing this thing called romance, dating & relationships on your own and you’re ready to make the tiny shifts necessary to have a true and lasting love in your life once-and-for-all.

You’re a highly achieved career woman or entrepreneur who has seemingly everything that you want but this one area seems to be a consistent source of frustration and blockage in your ability to have the full life and love that you long for... The total package.

You’re done with wasting your time with dating apps, getting more tips, tricks and info, complaining to girlfriends or family and seeing others in happy loving relationships but not the one who matters most… You!

You’ve had it up to here with guys ghosting, being emotionally distant, not responding or leading you on another humiliating episode that ultimately leaves you right back where you started, only less young, more bitter and more frustrated.

You’re done wondering “Where are all the good men?” Or answering the question “Why are you still single” over and over again and you don’t want to have to think about or worry about the process any longer, you just want the surefire results!

So again, all you have to do now is show up for our 1:1 session at your scheduled time over Zoom and then we’ll be able to connect, chat about your love life and see what I will best recommend to get you started and what the process may entail specifically for you to get you where you want to be with your love life ASAP.

These super powerful sessions with me are incredibly valuable and we could easily charge $495 for them (which we have in the past) however the biggest reason why we do this work is to help women to get back into their full authentic selves and have the romance that they desire with dream clients that allow us to shift the culture on the planet for the better one woman at a time.

Because of that these new special session openings will be completely FREE and complimentary with a full “Magnetize Your Man” scholarship.

So again, all you have to do to start transforming your love life for good with this simple process so that you never have another lonely night or have to wonder if you will end up alone is show up for our session at your scheduled time and I can’t wait to talk more and begin your new love journey with you then.

Say yes to yourself and say yes to love now because you truly do deserve it and are ready for it.

Much love and talk soon!

-Antia ❤️

About Your Expert Love Coach, Antia Boyd!

I was born in communist eastern Germany before the wall came down, and was single my entire life before I finally hired my own love coach, discovered the “Magnetize Your Man” Method and attracted my amazing, handsome and supportive husband Brody.

I’ve now been helping thousands of successful women all over the world for over a decade to attract their man to share their life with & have a loving, long-term relationship ASAP without loneliness, frustration or rejection.

I studied Personality Psychology at U.C. Berkeley, am NLP and Dream Coaching certified and have spoken on hundreds of stages and radio shows all over the world including Google, the Harvard University Faculty Club and Good Morning San Diego.

I’ve also been featured on ABC Radio, America Trends TV, The Great Love Debate and for over a decade studied everything that I could get my hands on in the areas of love, psychology and creating an amazing, happy relationship with your man the easy way without fear, trust-issues or men pulling away.

I now live with my loving, strong & committed hubby of 7 years, and I look forward to helping you to feel fully loved, safe and cherished by your ideal man without sadness, insecurity or an unhealthy relationship.

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“Hi Antia, One year since the day my fiancee and I met is just around the corner, and we are now married! We are in love and don’t want to live life without one another. I have lived with him for 6 months and have been the happiest I have ever been in my life. Thank you so much for the coaching… I will check in very soon. Lots of love!” 

~ L.W.


“Dear Antia, You are a magician. I am writing to let you know that I met someone wonderful. It’s been 3 months and we’re taking it slow but he’s so wonderful. He’s actually someone I’ve known for 10 years but lost touch with. We reconnected by accident as I was practicing self care by starting a weekly swimming practice :). I just re-listened to our coaching recordings from September last year and it’s amazing. Some amazing things are happening for my business too. Your techniques work! I will sing your praises to the moon and back. To you and Brody :)” 

~ E.L.


“Hi Antia, my man and I are very happy as we are exploring and enjoy our new life together. Our coaching together was very helpful in my ability to stay centered in the reality of a true intimate loving relationship unfolding. It has also helped me in nurturing it too. Thanks so much for your support!” 

~ A.G.


“Last birthday I signed up for your program, and on the eve of my birthday, I told my guy that it’s okay if he calls me his girlfriend (he was already doing it with anyone), so for the first time in 10 years, I have a boyfriend! He is washing the dishes right now, and spending the night for the 3rd night in a row. He is handsome and smart and treats me like a Queen, and I find myself so open and comfortable with him. I have no idea what the future holds, but tomorrow, I will awaken on my birthday with a good boyfriend. That is the best gift I could have hoped for. Thanks for your support, past, present, and future.”

~ C.R.


“It’s been a little over a year since I joined your program… I have to say it’s been a year of transformation and I’m now in the best relationship I’ve ever experienced! We spent our birthdays in a romantic getaway hot springs that felt so supportive and loving! It’s amazing to look back and know what a difference everything has made to create my reality now! Thank you for all your help! I can only imagine how incredible the next year will be as I have a ring on my finger and I’ll be moving to Oregon within the next month or so to be with his finally! So excited to move forward with an amazing partner in life knowing EVERYTHING keeps getting better and better!!”

~ M.B. 


Hello Antia, I just wanted to let you know that I met a really great guy.  He has done a lot of personal work and we are enjoying really good communication. I just wanted to thank you for the help and suggestions that you gave me. I am optimistic!!

~D. K.


“Hello Antia & Brody, I want you two to be the first to know my man & I are in love and in a committed relationship! After 2 years of struggle & resistance from me & dating other men, I realized that he is the only one for me. He told me it was love at first sight for him! I know I felt a spark but, because of my past relationships I was resistant. I do believe in love at first sight.  Anyway, thank you for opening my eyes and heart up to love. I am getting choked up writing this, tears of joy! Happy Holidays to you both!”  

~ J. K.


“Hi Antia & Brody, Thanks for the guiding me through becoming a better person, being emotionally connected to myself and understanding men’s intentions. I recently got married and I was very scared about the marriage because I didn’t know him properly before marriage, we just dated for 2-3 weeks and decided to marry, but it has been a month and after living together and I believe I made the right decision and it looks like we were meant to be with each other. Throughout last year, I have dated so many men and and I never felt the connection. I think the biggest thing which helped me is the coaching sessions related to getting emotionally connected to myself, trusting my emotions, and practicing forgiveness. Thanks for your sessions. I can see an amazing change in myself and so happy to now be a in a happy marriage and to have an amazing husband!”

~ A. S.


“Thanks to the help of your coaching and insights, I am now happily married to the man of my dreams, and we’ve already built and AMAZING life together and just got back from our honeymoon in Bali and Thailand! Thank you SO much for your help!”

~ S.L.


“I want to take some time out of this hectic month of wedding preparations to thank you so much for your part in helping me find my wonderful fiancee and companion with whom I can share love, passion, learning, recreation, activism, as well as personal joys and sorrows. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and I loved hearing you and seeing you, learning new things from you. It made me feel very supported in my journey. And witnessing the two of you together, teaching classes or taking vacations together, and always with that energy of love and commitment and positive energy between you – that really inspired me and gave me hope!"

~ A.D.


“After just one session with Antia, I could tell there were some really helpful shifts in how I was energetically approaching my dating prospects and I started to see some instant changes. I met someone really great and have been enjoying a much healthier and more satisfying dating life. Thank you Antia!”

~ A.E.

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