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Here's A reminder what We cover in this 6 day challenge:

Day 1 - The Path To Engagement

Discover the power of fully engaging in your love life. Learn how to connect with men powerfully, how to be vulnerable and step out of your comfort zone without feeling week and build a powerful support network around you to lead you to your long-term dating and romantic success.

Day  2 - Expanding Love Possibilities

Get even more clear on who you are and what you want in your ideal man and start removing negative self talk, limiting beliefs and increase your feelings of possibility, motivation, worthiness and deservingness for long term commitment with the ideal man for you!

Day 3 - Trust

Start eliminating the fear of getting hurt again, failure, looking stupid and rejection. Learn how to start trusting love, your own heart, your gut and your intuition. Start clearing out and balancing lack of trust, the need to be right and the need to be in control so that you can attract quality men that you CAN trust and feel safe and cherished by fully.

Day 4 - Masculine & Feminine Energy

Learn the main secret difference between masculine & feminine energy, and how this is one of the biggest keys to you attracting a long term happy relationship with an available man. Start becoming more vulnerable without weakness, let some of the armor down and start attracting a healthy inter-dependence and passsion with men.

Day 5 - Emotional Mastery

Expand your emotional range and raise your emotional ceilings so that you can feel your emotions fully and have MEN be able to start feeling you and becoming highly attracted to you as well. Discover and release the secret emotional home that keeps you stuck.

Day 6 - Love & Commitment

Discover the power of follow through and in what ways you may be "ghosting" on yourself, keeping lasting love at bay. Break through the limiting blocks that may be keeping you from being your most magnetic self and prioritizing the right things in your life to actually create lasting love for yourself quickly.

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