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Magnetize Your Man To Share Your Life With & Be Happier For Valentines Day Challenge

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In This Incredible Challenge You Can Discover...

How To Attract The Right Man To Share Your Life & Have A Loving, Long-Term & Committed Relationship ASAP Without Wasting Time, Being Unhappy Or Ending Up Alone

Have More Love In Your Life, Travel Together & Have A Beautiful Family Of Your Own Fast Without Being Closed Off, Unfulfilled Or Attracting Emotionally Unavailable Men

Be More Open, Release The Past & Attract Your Ideal Life Partner The Joyful Way Without Unhappiness, The Fear Of Getting Hurt Or Having Only Short-Term Relationships With Men

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Powerful Modules You Will Learn...

Day 1 - The Path To Engagement

Discover the power of fully engaging in your love life. Learn how to connect with men powerfully, how to be vulnerable and step out of your comfort zone without feeling week and build a powerful support network around you to lead you to your long-term dating and romantic success.

Day 2 - Expanding Love Possibilities

Get even more clear on who you are and what you want in your ideal man and start removing negative self talk, limiting beliefs and increase your feelings of possibility, motivation, worthiness and deservingness for long term commitment with the ideal man for you!

Day 3 - Trust

Start eliminating the fear of getting hurt again, failure, looking stupid and rejection. Learn how to start trusting love, your own heart, your gut and your intuition. Start clearing out and balancing lack of trust, the need to be right and the need to be in control so that you can attract quality men that you CAN trust and feel safe and cherished by fully.

Day 4 - Masculine & Feminine Energy

Learn the main secret difference between masculine & feminine energy, and how this is one of the biggest keys to you attracting a long term happy relationship with an available man. Start becoming more vulnerable without weakness, let some of the armor down and start attracting a healthy inter-dependence and passsion with men.

Day 5 - Emotional Mastery

Expand your emotional range and raise your emotional ceilings so that you can feel your emotions fully and have MEN be able to start feeling you and becoming highly attracted to you as well. Discover and release the secret emotional home that keeps you stuck.

Day 6 - Love & Commitment

Discover the power of follow through and in what ways you may be "ghosting" on yourself, keeping lasting love at bay. Break through the limiting blocks that may be keeping you from being your most magnetic self and prioritizing the right things in your life to actually create lasting love for yourself quickly.

Amazing Client Reviews & Love Stories!

“Hi Antia, One year since the day my fiancee and I met is just around the corner, and we are now married! We are in love and don’t want to live life without one another. I have lived with him for 6 months and have been the happiest I have ever been in my life. Thank you so much for the coaching… I will check in very soon. Lots of love!”


“Dear Antia, You are a magician. I am writing to let you know that I met someone wonderful. It’s been 3 months and we’re taking it slow but he’s so wonderful. He’s actually someone I’ve known for 10 years but lost touch with. We reconnected by accident as I was practicing self care by starting a weekly swimming practice :). I just re-listened to our coaching recordings from September last year and it’s amazing. Some amazing things are happening for my business too. Your techniques work! I will sing your praises to the moon and back. To you and Brody :)”


“Hi Antia, my man and I are very happy as we are exploring and enjoy our new life together. Our coaching together was very helpful in my ability to stay centered in the reality of a true intimate loving relationship unfolding. It has also helped me in nurturing it too. Thanks so much for your support!”


Our Clients Have Found Love with Our Proven Magnetize the Man Methods, Are you Ready? 

I’m Your Challenge Host, Antia Boyd!

I was born in eastern Germany before the wall came down, and was singles my ENTIRE LIFE before I finally broke through, hired my own dating coach, learned the Magnetize The Man Method and met my loving, committed and supportive husband Brody! 😊

Now, for over a decade, I've been teaching thousands of single successful women all over the world how to attract the right man for them to share their life & be happier quickly without loneliness, frustration or wasting time attracting emotionally unavailable men!

I studied personality psychology at U.C. Berkeley, I'm a certified NLP practitioner and Dream Coach and have been a keynote speaker featured at Google, Harvard University and The Great Love Debate!

I has also been featured and spoken on hundreds of stages, events and radio shows such as America Trends TV, Good Morning San Diego, LA TV and ABC Radio.

I now live in the beautiful San Diego area of California with my soulmate husband of 5 years, and looks forward to helping YOU to attract the loving, long-term relationship of your own with the right man for you ASAP without fear, cynicism or staying alone & single! 💗

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