Do You Feel Safe Enough To Be Irresistible to Men?

Do You Feel Safe Enough To Be Irresistible to Men??? 🌺

Yes. You heard me.🙃

(You may want to read that question a couple of times)

Let it sink in.

Week after week single women come to me telling me they want to know that one secret unicorn 🦄nugget that makes men fall at their feet and pursue them consistently.

They want to feel...




Can you relate???

One principle that's true in the universe is this.

If you want something (or someone) in your life and you don't have it, it's because there is a part inside of you that does not want that outcome.❌


Have you considered that all those beautiful feelings you would LOVE to experience require you to get ATTENTION and be VISIBLE?⭐️

Be honest with yourself.

How comfortable (or even safe) do you feel when imagining attracting all kinds of attention to you and being SEEN in a big way?🌈

What's your relationship to ATTENTION???

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