Dating and relationships are hard, even the good ones. There is one relationship mistake to avoid above all others for women when considering how to make him want you. It will keep you single, unhappy, and frustrated. It's a common mistake that women make with men. And it's probably one you are guilty of making even today.

If you look at the list of the biggest relationship mistakes, you might actually not think of this one, which is why it is so important to consider… how to make him want you without trying too hard.

1. Release Attachment to Him

Now, how in the world do you do that? When you want a man to do anything – call, ask you out, propose to you, whatever the case may be – you are attached to him. So what you want to do is a simple exercise and this exercise you can do when you’re driving, when you're walking, listening to a podcast. Hopefully, you're educating your mind and your emotions on a regular basis so you’re living outside of your comfort zone, not inside your comfort zone. When you do that, you can simply say, “I release you to the highest and best version of who you are.” Or “I release you to your highest and best vision that you have of yourself or that I have for you.” In doing that you will release that person, you're letting that person go. 

Back in 2009 when I got really attached to a guy and I wanted him so badly and wanted him to visit from Chicago – I met him online, I lived in LA, so it was long distance. Long story short, we were just talking and nothing ever came of it. So, I had to do a lot of release work and slowly learn to be like, “okay, I release you. I let you go. I wish you the best.” Releasing him and watching him becoming smaller and smaller from the corner of my eye.When something becomes smaller for us, we start to disassociate from it and it becomes more abstract. It's not as clear. It's not as defined, so we're not as connected to it. So try that out. If you want to stop trying to make him want you, release that attachment to him. 

how to make him want you

2. Visualize Men Wanting You

So picture this, you walk into a room, you feel magnetic, you feel the eyes of a man falling on you. You feel men's energy moving towards you. You feel men's heads turning towards you. So visualize that – if I were to believe that I have the attention of men at any moment that I desire to have it, the moment I turn it on, like Marilyn Monroe, she did this really well. She could just make herself invisible but then she would also just turn it on. She could turn on that energetic magnetism and cars would stop for her, people would stop her, people would stop moving, basically. So that's what you want to do. Visualizing and future pacing yourself about how you're going to meet amazing men who are complimenting you, surprising you. 

I had a client just the other week and she had chocolates and a bottle of Prosecco delivered to her house and she didn't know where they came from. I had another client and she got a new iPhone 12 delivered to her house, she also had no idea where it came from. Now, I'm not saying that your love language is receiving gifts or that it has to happen through actually getting physical gifts because it depends on your love language but those women realized, “Oh, I get attention. Oh, there is a surprise. Oh, there's some unexpected attention from the man.” 

Then what that does is for one, you're learning to feel safe. When energy comes towards you, you learn to “metabolize” that attention, that energy and feel safe. Then of course, as a consequence, you're no longer focusing on the other person in a way where you feel like you want him to do this and that. You have to ask yourself this if you're wondering how to make him want you, why do you want him to want you? Is it because it makes you feel better? Do you think it's going to make you feel more worthy, and you're going to get more approval? That you’ll feel more loved? It's really not about the man at all, it's about you. 

One thing I always say is you are the drink. So don't think the man is to drink and you have to get a drink. You are the party, girlfriend, you don't have to go to a party because everyone will come to you.. For that and so much more join our free Magnetize Your Man Dating Support Facebook group. We have lots and lots of support there. Tons of comments and conversations around, how to attract the right man for you, how to overcome trust issues, how to be vulnerable without weakness, how to love yourself again, fall in love with boundaries. We learn to talk about all of it, you can join now using the button below!

3. Why Are YOU A Catch?

So you see, what I'm doing here today is helping you to focus on yourself. Why are you a catch? Because if you want him to want you, it's because you think he's a catch. Remember the brain deletes, the brain distorts and the brain generalizes reality based on your unconscious expectations. So when you say, why am I a catch? Your unconscious expectations shift because now you see, actually, I am a catch. I have it going on, I'm the full-package! That’s what will get the man to lick all of his 10 fingers to spend time with you. 

Now, another way that also works really well, which I call my secrets, is by not only writing out what you want in a man but also writing how the man perceives you. So imagine your man is sitting down waiting for you. For example, my husband was preparing for me, he was in Maui. I was still on my way to Maui, I wasn't quite there yet and he was preparing for me. So what does that look like? The man is sitting there meditating on and visualizing you. I know this because my husband helps men who are looking for the right wife for them. 

So why are you a catch? The more you believe that you are a catch, the more you will value yourself, the more you will respect yourself, the more you will not go out of your way to make him want you but actually will put yourself in the position that he will want you to want him. How is that for change? So imagine he's going to write about you, “I met this amazing woman tonight and I just knew that there was something special about her, she had this quiet confidence as she was looking in my eyes, and she was comfortable holding the silence and enjoying the moment,” whatever the case may be. But imagine what your lover would write to you. What if you were going to write a book about how you guys met, how would he write it? That's helped me, particularly my manifestation process and letting go of men wanting me and feeling more like, wait, no I’m the catch.

how to make him want you

4. Be Too Much

Okay, the reason why I wrote this is because often when we want someone to want us we become a people pleaser. We can become a doormat, and so we try to dim our light and shrink away. We go into hiding because we're afraid to be too much, to be too bright, to be too intense, to be too visible, to be too demanding, whatever the case may be. You may be high maintenance but celebrate that. Don't celebrate being low maintenance. Be too much, lean all in.

My favorite story, if you haven't heard it already, is when I was staring at this guy, about 11 years ago, and he literally told me I kissed too much. So normally we would apologize or we would be filled with shame, or we would say, “Oh, just kidding, this didn't really happen.” Instead, be too much! Say, “This is me, take it or leave it.” Then he is going to be so mesmerized by that, and that particular guy ended up mesmerizing with me, as well. I celebrated being too much, I advocated for it and I let my light shine. And because of that, I became highly magnetic and attractive, of course, and the same goes for many of my clients as well.

How To Make Him Want You Conclusion

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Antia & Brody Boyd
Antia & Brody Boyd

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