Wondering how to make him worry about you? In this guide, we share 5 ways you can make him worry about you.

1. A Queen Holds

Now, ladies, what can often happen, especially when it comes to texting, is that you just want to let the guy know everything about your day; how your shopping trip went, how the birthday party was. You just dump it all on him. I frequently see women send me screenshots of text messages with paragraphs, and I'm like, “Girlfriend, do you want to see this guy again? Because right now, he doesn't need to see you because you're having a relationship over a text message.” And what that does is communicates insecurity. 

A queen is secure inside of herself. She doesn't need to release everything right away. She can hold a little bit of mystery and has the capacity inside of herself that increases her way of being, her energy, her magnetism. The man wonders, “oh, what's up with that? She just gave me a one-sentence answer.” Instead of her delivering herself on a silver platter right at my door, I'm supposed to feel masculine and happy to pursue her. Remember, ladies, if you want a man to pursue you, you have to grow his pursuit muscle. If you shrink his muscle, guess what? Nothing is going to happen. 

I just got off the phone with another woman where again, she is just running after the guy; nothing is happening. He's not initiating anything. So let me know, write below which ones are you when it comes to texting? Do you feel you do need to write whole paragraphs? Or, are you okay with just letting him know the basics and leave the rest up for imagination? 

how to make him worry about you

2. Leave Room For Imagination After Text

Now the “…” works well. Also, not answering questions directly. You see, we don't even know how to process most of our thoughts. What that means is men may ask you questions that don't matter. They don't care what the answer to that is. They just want to build rapport, okay. So what do you want to do instead is you just want to banter and not just answer all those questions. You could just say, “oh, hey, we could get into this right now but why don't you tell me if you were an animal, what would you be and why?” Just do something different, leave room for imagination. 

The same, of course, also goes for pictures, so if you're online dating. Don't show too much. Always leave some room for the imagination because that, of course, strengthens his pursuing muscle because it's intriguing. If you want to know more, no problem, I’ve got the solution. Join our free Magnetize Your Man Facebook group with over five and a half thousand other women. Visit MYMFBgroup.com.

3. Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode

Now, a very practical tip if you're one of those women who feel like they have to look at their phone all the time, and I don't want to be available. Just put your phone on airplane mode. You see, I always have my phone on airplane mode, so my friends are already used to it. I choose when I want to interact with them and respond to them. Right, my friends know when they call me, if it goes to voicemail, you can't just call me in the middle of the day, unless I was just answering a text message, and then you happen to catch me, okay. 

So the same is valid here. I remember when I started dating my husband, he taught me this. In the beginning, I was super annoyed but it's also cool because you don't know when the other person will see what you send them? When are they going to turn their phone back on? It helps you if you're more of an anxious attachment style because it decreases the addiction. After all, your phone is on airplane mode, so you're not responding to anything. You don't see any messages. Also, while we're at it, turn all your notifications off in the notification center on your phone. So another way to decrease addiction to your phone is, of course, the lifeline to your man when you're not physically around him. So a very practical tip here. So, let me know in the comments section who's ready to do that at least for a day? 

how to make him worry about you

4. Have Plans With New Friends

So you remember, we talked about creating intrigue. So intrigue happens when something new occurs. So the man may have waited on you for a minute because you were out with Susie and with Mark.  And he’s like, “I've never heard those names before. You always just mentioned John and Melanie or something like that. So who are those new friends? Should I be concerned?” It’s really helpful when it comes to developing intrigue and causing a little bit of healthy competition inside of himself that of course also helps him to not take you for granted. 

He'll start to worry a bit over you, so he’s not going to take you for granted so much. And of course, this held up when I started to date my husband, and I was seeing other people. So if you're in this camp where you're like, well, the man is going to give up if they know that I'm going to date someone else, or if they think there’s somebody new in the game, you're wrong. They will put their foot down if they're really serious, if they're emotionally available, right, they'll be who this person is? I don't want you to do that. I want you to date me. That's what you want. You want him to claim you. If you’re like, “Antia, how in the world do I do that?” Well, I'm so glad you asked because I have a very juicy new offer for you, which is my Ultimate Love Recipe beta program to make him fall in love with you. So if you want to learn more, hop on over to ultimateloverecipe.com.

5. Surprise Yourself

I talked a bit about this as newness is the part in the brain that wants to predict everything broken up. So surprise him. Honestly, the best way to do that is to surprise yourself. Do something that you usually wouldn't do. So maybe you wouldn't normally wear a particular color, or perhaps you typically talk to him in the morning – speak to him at night. Maybe you just always text message – call him or leave a voicemail. Do something different, surprise yourself. That also means that you stop projecting onto him this expectation that he's going to be the source of your happiness or the source of your expansion, or the source of your variety.

When you surprise yourself you can look back at what you did when you were dating a guy and you did things you were proud of. For example, I joined Toastmasters International. I learned speeches and public speaking, and I was terrified of that because when I was in 12th grade I almost got an F in one of my presentations because I just stalled, I froze. I blacked out. I never attempted public speaking again until I joined Toastmasters. Well, now I've spoken in over 100 stages worldwide. So this is what happens. And I remember I was proud of myself. There was something, there was fuel inside of myself that no man could give me. Surprise yourself. So, of course, comment below, which of these actions are you ready to take? I want you to be honest with me. 

BONUS: Break State

For those of you who stayed until the very end, here is my bonus, which is break state. So what we all want to experience, and this is why people take drugs, why people eat chocolate, why people have sex, is because it is causing a state change. Now, this, of course, comes directly from Tony Robbins. How do you break state? So normally, maybe you're more of a serious person and tell a joke. 

For example, when I started speaking, I would begin breaking form, for instance, every speaker would say, “Hi, my name is Dr. So-and-so and for the next 15 minutes, I'm going to explain to you, la la la la la.” So everybody was used to, okay, you get the introduction, and then you get to la la la. And people got bored, so I got up, and got coffee, and talked and had side conversations. I had to do something different. So I just said, the volcano erupted, and the most luscious, most beautiful colors that a human eye has ever seen. Did that break state? You better believe it did. You better believe that everyone who had just gotten up to get their coffee turned around and what is going on? I had all the attention, and we could give a compelling presentation that also got the audience’s attention. So think about what that is for you. Do something different, do something crazy, do something out of the ordinary, okay. And let me know how that goes. I'm curious to hear. 

How To Make Him Worry About You Conclusion

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