Trying to figure out if he wants you? We share 5 signs he wants a relationship with you.

1. He Contacts You Consistently

This is a little bit of a no-brainer and I may have said this a couple of times, but let me repeat it, girlfriend because sometimes we just give men the benefit of the doubt. So if he contacts us the first week and it's all hunky-dory, but then all of a sudden he doesn't contact you the next week; you may start to wonder if he got busy at work, or like I talked about last week, he needs “to wash his hamster's hair,” basically he has all kinds of different excuses.  The fact is he's inconsistent, I don't care what the reasons are. That's what I recommend for you too when you encounter an inconsistent man, don't care about the reasons, let him be responsible for solving a problem and showing up for the man that he is and step into his power and live a life of integrity. If he doesn't step up – step out, it's that simple. 

So this particular man will contact you consistently. Not in a weird way, but in a very well-paced way and a very nice way like when he says, “I'm going to call you at five today,” or “I'm going to call you to ask you out for a date on Friday.”  Then you actually meet on Friday and this is constant. Then, maybe, he thanks you for the date or he tells you how much he appreciated the date and of course, he follows up by asking you out on the next date, and so on. Ladies, this is what this looks when he contacts you consistently. 

I want to talk about this, because we focus so much on turning the other men down versus saying, no, there are men out there right now, who will be ready for you, who want to be with you. Now, if you have experienced that before, pop that in the comment section below, I'd love to hear it. 

signs he wants a relationship

2. He Makes Intros To Family

So if he's like, “what are you doing next weekend? I'd love to take you for lunch with my family.” That is a sure sign that he is serious about you. He wants his family to know about you or he wants his family to have opinions of you. Most men are not taking women home easily because they don't want to get all the comments, or have the mom love the woman only to have to say, “oh, actually it didn't work out.” So they're not going to just introduce every woman to their family, but they will do that for you. 

When I met my husband, he introduced me so quickly to his family, of course, via zoom because we were in Hawaii and the family was in Oregon and my brother had just come back from Germany. So his family learned about me, I met grandma, I met all the people and I knew right away that I'm important and that he wants me to be in his life. 

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3. He Plans His Future with You

I just got off a call with one of my clients and this beautiful man that she is dating. This man is already making plans and asking her, “Hey, what are you doing for Thanksgiving? I'd love to take you on a trip” and so on. That's what starts to happen, there are actual plans. There's going to be something very reliable that’s followed up on because I know what you want to say, and you're right; the dismissive-avoidant attachment style has this tendency, to make all those future visions and promises. However, the difference here is that he is actually not following up, right? The man who wants to be with you, he follows up, like I said, he's like, “I looked at the flights, what do you like better? Do you want to fly first or second class? Do you want to fly Delta or Southwest?” Or whatever the case may be, right? Or he just has it all figured out, and he's like, “I'll pick you up. I'll surprise you.” There is a tangibility to it. 

The other thing also is when you look at a man who plans his future with you, he is a builder, right? So part of being a builder is logistics. He starts to make plans by figuring out everything that needs to be done and doing it. Pop in the comments below if you have experienced that before because that is really important for sure. 

signs he wants a relationship

4. He uses the word “we”

When you think about an emotionally unavailable man, a dismissive-avoidant attachment style, for example, then you look more at the use of “you and I.” You have your responsibility, I have my responsibility. I'm not responsible for your happiness or your needs, and you're not responsible for my needs. However, when a man wants to be with you, he uses the word we; we are a team, let's do this together, we will make it, or whatever the case may be. So pay attention to that. 

That tells you very early on. I know some of you love to save time and be efficient in dating. So that is the sure sign that saves you a lot of time if a man wants to be with you. Now if you have some challenges with that, and I recommend you taking my free Magnetize Your Man quiz. You’ll also get some juicy custom gifts from me. Hop on over there,, and see where you end up, where do you need to support? What's going on? 

5. He Remembers Your Love Language

I think this is pretty important because that means I'm putting you first. You are important to me, and I'm willing to compromise. So let's say your love language is touch but his primary language is acts of service. So when he wants to be with you, he'll remember that your love language is touch. He's not going to love you with acts of service, which is how he wants to be loved. So this is a biggie because often that's what couples do. 

So for me, my primary love language is touch and my husband's primary love language is acts of service, but luckily for me, number two on my husband's list is also touching. Even if that was not the case, you really want to see if the man is able, willing, motivated, encouraged, inspired to remember your love language or is he simply just orbiting around himself. How much attention does he pay to you? How much is he willing to invest and how much is he willing to compromise? So I'd love to hear from you. So comment below, which of those signs have happened to you?

BONUS: He Defends You Infront of Friends

And of course, for those of you who stayed to the very end here is the bonus – he defends you in front of his friends. Now, this goes a little bit back to this whole conversation we had around we-ness. We are a team. If you offend my girlfriend, you're offending me. This is what I see too, being married, we are a team. I'm just making sure that my husband is being respected as well, not that I have to do that because he's actually really respected, but you know what I mean? If somebody were to say something about my husband, I would be like, “Okay, whoa, let's back up the train here, cowboy.” That's the same thing with him too, he’d be like, “what? I don't appreciate how you talk about my wife. She's not here to defend herself.” 

So he'll defend you and he'll shut men down or women who are gossiping about you behind your back. So that's going to be really important because that's a sure sign, and also that you're not dealing with a narcissist because narcissists will put you down. 

Signs He Wants A Relationship Conclusion

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