Trust VS Control - The Ultimate Question

Which camp are you in?

When do you trust and when do you control?

I have to admit as a recovered anxious attachment style my system prefers control over trust.


Because then it does not have to be VULNERABLE

YES the big V-word!

When I went on a walk with a friend he pointed out to me that my whole way of being was way more controlling than open?



You see we run on so many unconscious programs.

Having a mom who is a narcissist do you think I put up my guard to protect myself from energy vampires?

How about controlling my environment so I don't have to feel helpless?

Do you relate to that?

Look, if you desire to attract Mr. Oh-So Wonderful into your life but it ain't happenin consider the possibility that your desire for control keeps your heart from softening and opening up.

Soft and open hearts are VERRRRYYYYY magnetic! Ask a man around you. 😉

Ask yourself "how much do I trust myself?"

What can you do today to grow your own self trust?

The truth is that the more you experience trust within yourself the easier to have your man QUANTUM LEAP into your universe 😉

What's one step you can take today to trust (yourself, the universe, other people)?

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