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The Trigger His Desire Advanced Program

This 12 module video program shares my most advanced techniques to trigger a man’s desire guaranteed to work in even the most extreme, complicated or difficult situations, giving you the results you desire faster and easier than you could have ever imagined.

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Ultimate Love Recipe Expert Antia Boyd

My husband Brody & I have been helping thousands of successful women all over the world for over a decade now to attract their man & get him to commit fast without him losing interest, pulling away or choosing another woman. I studied Personality Psychology at U.C. Berkley and have spoken on hundreds of stages & radio shows all over the world such as Google, the Harvard University Faculty Club & Good Morning San Diego.

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Incredible Success Stories & Reviews!

“Hi Antia, We are now married! We are in love and don’t want to live life without one another. I have lived with him for 6 months now and have been the happiest I have ever been in my life. Thank you so much for the coaching… I will check in very soon. Lots of love!” ~L.W.


"My guy and I are now exclusive. 

He’s just so lovely. Tonight he has set up an account with my favorite florist under my name etc. but with his card details and given me the login… told me I “now have unlimited flowers whenever I like, forever just as I deserve”  

I’ve gone from ACCEPTING boys who treated me very poorly and played around, to learning to value myself in ways that have elevated my dating prospects beyond what I ever thought was possible. 

His priority within our relationship is now making me feel safe, loved and happy in the most thoughtful ways. Thank you Antia SOOOO much!" ~H.M.

His Priority Is Making Me Feel Safe, Loved & Respected

“Hi Antia, Just wanted to let you know that I’m now in the best relationship I’ve ever experienced! We spent our birthdays in a romantic getaway hot springs that felt so supportive and loving! It’s amazing to look back and know what a difference everything has made to create my reality now! Thank you for all your help! I can only imagine how incredible the next year will be as I have a ring on my finger and I’ll be moving to Oregon within the next month or so to be with him finally! So excited to move forward with an amazing partner in life knowing EVERYTHING keeps getting better and better!!” ~M.B. 


"My guy is so easy to love and be with. It's a treat to share time with him. He now makes me feel so special in his ways. He isn't afraid to be himself with me... the best compliment. LOVE the program, and now I'm learning how to be in a healthy relationship!" 🙌🌟 ~F.W.


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