You Can't Just Go From Single To Soulmate... Right?

Have you ever heard that before?πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

I certainly have.

Back then I let them laugh because look who is laughing now?🀣

I just HAVE to bust this myth!!!

Look, I was single my WHOLE entire life unless you count 2.5 months of seeing each other once a week a relationship LOL

Frankly back then in 2004 I actually did but that's a different story.😳

Let me tell you I was the Queen πŸ‘‘of first dates.

Getting dates was never the problem but being asked out again was a WHOLE different story.

I felt there is something wrong with me. One guy even asked me if I have seen a psychologist.

Can you relate?

Look girlfriend, here is the truth.πŸ”₯

There are two kinds of women in the world.

One kind that grows and matures OUTSIDE of a relationship toward attracting her KING 🌈


The other who hugely benefits from being IN relationships on her journey to attract Mister Right.

Neither of them is wrong or better.

Let's scratch that whole linear approach to dating. You can quantum leap and leave everyone around you with their jaw dropped. πŸ™€

Your man is orbiting around you like a planet not caring if you dated or didn't date. Not caring if you are single for 2 years or 20 years.

He just cares if your heart is OPEN.πŸ’—

If you are AVAILABLE.🌺

Like my Brody Meister did. I met him and he told me the first night we met that I am the girl of his story and that we have a HUGE responsibility to humanity.

Don’t buy into stories society is trying to sell you.

So what story are you ready to let go???

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