Antia: Hi ladies, it's Antia Boyd of course, creator of the “”Magnetize The Man Method”” And today I'm really excited because I have a success story here with me today, which is with my amazing client Liza! And I'm particularly excited because, you know sometimes we say, “Oh my God, I went through so much trauma, I don't know if loving again is in the cards for me, I'm so guarded because I went through the sexual abuse, domestic violence, etc” And you feel I don't know if I can trust a man again, if I can allow a man into my life again. So that's why I brought Liza because she really just, she's such a trooper. I'm just, I can't wait for you guys to hear her story, what she's overcome, how my coaching has supported her with that, and just, I'm just amazed by you Liza, just really amazed. Like you're just so amazing, really, really you are. So if you struggle with asking yourself those questions this is definitely for you. So Liza, before we dive in, tell us a little bit about what your dating life was before we started working together.

Liza: So I really didn't have any gap in any relationships I was going from guy to guy, I always, I was scared to be alone. I didn't really want to be single at all because I was scared to even learn about myself or even to be with someone new. I just had a pattern.

Antia: So tell us a little bit more where that was all coming from? Because I remember when I met you, and it was really hard for you because you had this hard shell around you that you were constantly asking me all those questions and it was all about leading, “I can't text them that, right? I can't ask them that, right?”

Liza: Yeah

Antia: And where was that coming from? That hard shell, that protective, you know I'm going to take control.

Liza: Yeah, I wasn't sure. I mean, I've never really dated, so I wasn't sure on how it is to date, and so that's why I had all those questions but I really did have a wall. I was, I didn't… I had trust issues. I was totally guarded, and I always wanted to lead. I wanted to make sure that I was in control. Yeah .

Antia: Totally, and where were the trust issues coming from?

Liza: I've been through a lot of traumatic experiences, but the one that, the one I wanted to talk about was when I was in a physically abusive relationship. And, I was living with my boyfriend at the time and I had no idea that he was going to be physically abusive. When he finally moved in he all of a sudden was always jealous, there were times when he would just punch me in the back. I even remember one time when I was sleeping one night and I got woken up because he had a pillow on my face and he was choking me. I even remember when there are times when we would get into a fight just out of nowhere to where he would punch me in the eye for no reason. And I would always just cover it up. my friends would ask me “what happened?” And I just told them “oh, I just fell I hit my head on a corner of the table,” really trying to protect him because I was a victim.

Antia: Yeah.

Liza: I didn't know who to go to. I didn't even want to tell any of my friends or my family. I was scared.

Antia: Yeah.

Liza: I even thought that, that was it for me. I thought I was going to die. I even remember one time when I was laying down on the floor when he had two knives on my neck. And I thought that, that was the end of it.

Antia: Yeah, yeah, wow. I just really want to acknowledge you for what you've gone the journey that you've had and now being with your boyfriend for two years, I mean you're just really complete yin yang, you know

You're just ultimate proof that wow, that was so deep and that was so painful and you were just able to completely shift that and tell the women. And I just really appreciate you sharing your emotions because a lot of us who are watching this have similar emotions and I just really appreciate you expressing them and just really being vulnerable. Like that's the biggest piece of senior transformation. It's wow, this is so amazing because it's such an opening that you allow to occur. So thank you for that Lisa, it just really-

Liza: Yeah, I think that a lot of the women and the ladies, what would be my advice that they should really I think it really helps to start talking about it.

Antia: Yeah. Before we go there, because we are going to have later on first off, let us know, how did you meet your man? Because I get this question all the time. Right?

Liza: I actually met him outside of class. Believe it or not, I was going for a makeup class. And it was the very last class that I had to take. And, my class was in the evening and this was during the day and I missed one class and then had to do a make up class. And then I went in there and I sat next to him and ever since then, I feel that was history.

Antia: Oh my God, I love it. that's it's, you don't have to do online dating, you just have to live your life, I always say that.

Liza: Right.

Liza: You just lived your life. You had to make up a class wouldn't make the other time. And just allow it to be in the flow.

Yeah, it was when I finally stopped looking and really going to online dating or going to bars or, just hoping okay, maybe I'm going to meet someone there. No, it was really when I finally started to work on myself and really learn more about myself and to where I didn't wasn't even thinking about oh, I'm going to… I need to meet a guy. That was when naturally or organically it just happened.

Antia: Yeah, wow, yeah, I really love that. And tell us a little bit I'm sure that women are curious what are, what is your romantic life now?

Liza: So I actually just moved in with Dave, my boyfriend, we just moved in together in the beginning of September. So, we now have our lovely home and our home where we can actually say this is our home. And so I'm really excited, totally excited. I'm still unpacking and I can't wait to start decorating, my house, I feel home in this house. And I love it because, we could all say that this is both our home.

Antia: Awesome, and how do you feel now? now you've moved in together with him, you've been together for a while, how do you feel? Yeah, now about him, about love?

Liza: Oh, honestly what I could say is that, it's always growing, no relationship I would say is perfect. you still have your arguments, you still have your disagreements.

Yeah I'm still masculine most of the time because I'm still trying to get used to being with someone because it's always been me by myself and my son. And so that's one of the things that I'm still learning up to this day. But every day I'm always happy because he's my best friend, so I could pretty much just tell him anything and spiritually we have grown together. And, yeah, I mean, I love our conversations and, we both work together too by the way, because we both work from home.

Antia:I love that, oh my God, that's the best. And what would you say was some of the main lessons that helped you the most that you learned from me that you learned from the program or that you also started percolating? in response to taking the program because we start to access our own wisdom as well,

Liza: Yeah, I mean, I feel that the advice that you gave, as well as the program itself, it was a community of single women and other women who have the same experiences is also going through the same thing. But with the different advice and the questions that we ask I feel that also helped even having a male perspective from Brody to where he can say “”no, don't do that because you're going to chase him away.”” Or, you know to hear that, that really helps. So I think that, you know, coaching is really important because you also grow. And you also hear other experiences from different women too.

Antia: Yeah, definitely. And what would you say, what were some of your main concerns or fears before hiring me to help with this? And then also, how did you overcome those concerns?

Liza: Yeah, I remember, I remember going into your summit and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was totally skeptical and I really didn't know. And so I just tried it anyways and I felt that, because I didn't really have any guidance nor I have ever even really dated before I was going into a new world where everything is all online and everything is digital. So, it was a struggle at first, but I feel I believe it was after the second summit that you had was when I finally said, “”okay, I'm going to go ahead and try this.””

Antia: I love that, totally. And I really feel that you are a risk taker and you have so many resources inside of yourself and I feel you were able to really take advantage of them, you know? And so any final advice that you would recommend to a woman who's sitting on the fence about hiring me or hiring a dating coach in general, to help with this?

Liza: I would say that, it's always good that you have that support coming from a coach as well as the support that you can get from other women, because you don't want to do this alone. You can get different advice from other women in their experiences and really hear what it is that they're going through when it comes to dating. And with the coaches, and with Antia & Brody, they're there to support you. And if you want to have a one-on-one with them, because you're confused and you really don't know what to do they're there to really say, “”no, you can't do that, or no, you shouldn't do that.”” So they're kinda kinda I would say brother and sister

Antia: Yeah.

Liza: You ‘re there to protect you and to where you can trust them and just open up and they're there to really give you the right advice. It's really for your own good.

Antia: Aww, that's so sweet Liza. So yeah, so thank you so much for sharing that with the women and you just really one of the bravest women I know, and to really climb out of a role and identity that you had for so long to now have this amazing relationship where you're growing on all levels. And I love that you actually said, “”it's not all perfect,”” because oftentimes you have the story of “”everything has to be perfect before I meet him, I need to be ready.”” And I'm “”okay, no, you're still dealing with stuff,”” you know? And so am I, so we are all. And I love that because that really takes away this illusion that we're ready baked and you know and once you attract your man, everything will be pink roses and unicorns and rainbows-

Liza: No you just have to work on it.

Antia: It doesn't just stop. Yeah

Antia: Alright, well thank you so much, Liza , and for the ladies who are “okay, well, I'm just really curious to learn more” then I invite you to come on the “Magnetized The Man” clarity call with me, even get crystal clear on what are the blind spots for you that are getting in the way of attracting the right man. So simply click the button below, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing how I can support you. Alright, take care. Bye, bye!

Antia Boyd
Antia Boyd

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