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1. It’s Better To Be FEARED Than To Be Liked

Key number five is it's far better to be feared than to be liked. Whoa, that's a bold statement. Well, I originally heard this statement from Niccolo Machiavelli, who was a political philosopher in Renaissance, Italy. He gave this statement to politicians and leaders regarding how they could be respected by their people. This statement applies to all human relationships as well, especially in dating. He said it's far better to be feared than to be liked, but I would say that it's far better to be respected than to be liked. But fear, and respect, they're very similar. They're brother and sister. 

So, what does this mean? Well, it means that if you want a man's respect, he should have some fear that he might, for example, lose you, than to say that he just likes you. When he just likes you he may say something like, “Oh, she's so great,” “She's always there when I need her, “She's so available, she does everything I want.” “She's so kind, she's so nice.” Those types of statements show that there's no respect there. That happens for all people. You lose respect for somebody when there’s nothing at stake. They know that they can get you to do whatever they want, and that's the anti-respect. That's when we get into the realm of the nice guy or the nice girl or the doormat. So to be feared is to be respected. 

Some of the main ways you can do that, as I said before, is him knowing that he might lose you. That you're willing to walk away, that you're willing to date other men, that you're willing to make yourself available, that maybe you'll tell other people of his bad behavior. So maybe it’s the fear for his reputation. There are lots of ways you can do it, but that's the main concept. Just owning the concept that it's better to be respected than to be liked or loved. It's far better to be respected, because, and this is what Nicola Machiavelli said, the reason why is because respect and fear are under your control. Being liked is under their control. You don't have control over whether someone likes you or loves you, they can take that away at any moment. But you have control over whether they respect you, that's dependent on your actions. They can't help, but respect you, if you're doing the right actions, or fear you if you're doing the right actions or if they know you could do the right actions. So that's why it's so important, and that's why it's key to getting that respect. 

2. Take Great Care Of & Value Yourself

Key, number four to be respected by him, is to take better care of and to value yourself. How can someone respect you if you don't respect yourself first? How can someone value you if you don't value yourself first? So the key here is to take care of yourself, but how do you do that? You do that several ways, even small ways. For example, some of the small ways would it be basic things like grooming when you need it, if you have cavities in your teeth, if you have some health challenges if you're taking care of your nails, taking care of your hair, taking care of your body, all those different things where you are showing to yourself with your actions, “I value myself. “I'm making sure I feel good about myself.” Dressing nicely, keeping your clothes cleaned, if there are rips, you're either not wearing that piece of clothing or getting it fixed. It's little things like that, it shows that level of care for yourself, which other people pick up on. So you have to focus on that first. It starts with you, your health, your mindset, your mental health, your emotional health, your hygiene, your well-being, your appearance, all those little ways.

The bigger ways to take care of yourself would be doing things we’ve mentioned here before; having high standards, setting boundaries, valuing your time. Are people able to just take your time whenever they want? Take your energy whenever they want? You have to take care of that. You have to value that first and make sure you're doing things for you, not just other people. You're doing things that you value, that you love, that are filling you up, filling up that cup first, before you fill up everyone else's. Just like on an airplane, you have to put your oxygen mask on first before you put other people's masks on. That's going to help increase respect immensely with other people because they're going to see you respecting yourself clearly, through your actions and behavior. If you'd like to learn more about this I'd highly recommend taking our free quiz to get your custom gifts & support now using the special button below!

3. Own Your Femininity With Pride

Key number three, to get a man's respect and to get people's respect in general is to take pride in your femininity. What I've noticed working with men and working with women for a while is that often, we repress different parts of ourselves. We say, “Oh, that's silly. “Oh, that other woman she's so girly. We judge other people and you may judge other women for being a doormat or a nice girl but that's called projection in psychology. That's when somebody holds a mirror up to us and we don't see what we see in them in ourselves. 

Femininity can be one of those things. We'll see other women and we'll say, “Oh, she's so silly. “Oh, she's girly or she's weak. “Or she's letting people walk over her.” But then what happens if you repress that feminine part inside of yourself, you're disrespecting that part of yourself. You're saying, “I don't do that,” “I don't own that part,” and men can pick up on that as well. So it's about owning your femininity, having feminine pride in yourself and that girly part of you, that womanly part of you that's different from a man. Actually loving that part and loving all parts of you, embracing all parts of you. Also if you're masculine, embracing all those parts of you and saying, “I value those parts,” “I bring love to those parts.” 

Men are going to feel that and men are going to feel that you're confident, they're going to feel that you're valuable, and also because feminine energy is what attracts the masculine when you're loving that feminine part of yourself when you're able to embrace it with pride, there's no shame. There's no, this false front that some women will put on that they're trying to be strong, they're trying to be intimidating, they're trying to be masculine because they don't have that feminine part, men can feel it and it shows insecurity. Men can pick up on that insecurity and they’ll say, “Wow, she's not fully loving herself. “She's not embracing all herself.” So of course, he's thinking this as emotion and on a subconscious level but those are the kind of feeling that he'll get. So, embrace all parts of yourself, especially the feminine parts that are different than a man, with pride. Even your sexuality, your womanhood, however, you want to put on it. Whatever word you want to put on it. Embrace that with pride, because that's going to help a man feel like “Wow, she's feminine and confident, that's attractive.” If you'd like to learn more about this I'd highly recommend taking our free quiz to get your custom gifts & support now using the special button below!

4. Study Self Improvement

Key number two, to having a man respect you is to study self-improvement. Now a quick story, in my first relationship, I kinda stumbled into it. I used to be what you might call an emotionally unavailable man. So when I was in college, I got into my first relationship by accident. Even though I had been working a long time to get better with meeting women which is why I struggled in my dating before and  I studied it and I became a dating coach for men. But when I stumbled into my first relationship, things were okay. And I think we were drawn to each other just from a, I had these protector instincts, I wanted to protect her but it was also partly so I didn't have to be vulnerable. So I could be the one in control and I could keep her at a distance, which was my avoidant part. However, one thing that was a big sticking point for us in our relationship that caused me to lose respect was that she wasn't studying, she wasn't growing herself. She wasn't working on herself and she had lots of issues as did I, but I didn't feel that sense of growth, that sense of development. And so I started to lose respect in some ways, and that caused me to be even more distant, even more, avoidant in the relationship. Communicating even less and things like that. It wasn't good for either of us. It wasn't healthy, but one of the big pieces was the self-improvement piece. 

I think that's a key to having a man respect you, especially if he's more avoidant, is to see that you are taking care of yourself in the sense of you're growing, you're improving, you're working towards another, a better version of you. You're not just accepting the status quo. That commands respect because that shows, “Whoa, she's growing a lot.” “And if I'm growing, if I'm not keeping up “with that, I might start falling behind.” And it's admirable when you're growing as well. Take that one as an identity, you're a woman who is growing, who's improving. I mean, you're doing it right now by reading this article. So keeping on that trajectory, getting coaching around it, joining a program, whatever it might be, maybe take a class. When you grow, you are improving your value, period. You're improving your value as a human, as a woman, and that commands respect. Again, a lot of respect you're seeing a theme here is based on value. What's your value of yourself and what's your actual value in the world which you cultivate by cultivating yourself. So, this is a super important key and something that I don't think a lot of people talk about. So, study self-improvement. 

5. Be The QUEEN – Not The Doormat Or The Bitch

And finally, key number one, which is a lot of what I and my wife Antia talk about in our “Magnetize Your Man” program, is what we call being the queen. Be the queen, not the doormat or the bitch. Put that crown right on top of your head. Now, what is the queen? And how is it different than the doormat or the bitch? 

So basically if you imagine a spectrum, and we talk about this in our book “Magnetize Your Man” which is available on Amazon, but imagine a spectrum. On one side, you have a doormat, which is a woman or a man who gives up their value, does what everyone else wants, doesn't set any boundaries, is overly submissive, overly anxious usually, and insecure. And then you have, on the other side, the bitch. Which is more of an  I don't care, you can go F yourself, I'm going to do my thing kind of attitude, really good at setting boundaries. Maybe they become a bit more aggressive, disrespects other people, walk over other people, crosses boundaries herself. So pretty much the opposite of the doormat entirely. Well then in the middle, you have the golden mean, which is the queen. The queen is a perfect balance of the doormat and the bitch. 

So imagine that you have within yourself this ability to be bitch-setting boundaries, saying no, doing what you want to do, taking care of yourself, looking out for yourself first, but then you also have this ability to be warm, soft, understanding, caring and approachable. What brings those two together is the queen. The queen has both. She can be a bitch when she needs to be over here, she can be the doormat when she needs to be as well, in the right moments. But in general, she's right there in the middle of the balance. That commands respect with a man because it shows you have both, you can be caring, and that warmth draws him in. So you have that respect. He says “Wow, this is a woman of value, high-value woman. I can see her in my life. I can see having a partnership with her, I would respect her, I would admire her, I would want to be a better man because of her.” That will draw a man in, that nurturing, that mother energy almost of the doormat. It is amazing for a man to feel that from a woman. So, that will increase your respect and have him want to be with you and want to treat you like a queen. Even if he never has before. 

How To Make Him Respect You Conclusion

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Antia & Brody Boyd
Antia & Brody Boyd

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