Have you ever wondered if a guy likes you but can't figure out his true intentions? Well, you're not alone. Men can be very subtle when it comes to showing their emotions. But fear not, because in this video, we'll reveal 12 secret things guys do when they like you. These are little clues that can help you decode their true feelings. So, let's dive in and uncover the secrets.

1. Avoiding Phone Distractions

When a guy likes you, he’s more likely to be focused on the conversation at hand, rather than be distracted by his phone. He’s more likely to maintain eye contact and listen attentively. This is because he’s more interested in you than anything else.

Psychologically, this behavior is rooted in his desire to make a good impression and demonstrate his interest in you. It’s also a sign of respect, as he’s showing you that you’re more important than any other distraction.

3 Other Examples Of What This Could Look Like Are:

1. He doesn’t look around the room when you’re talking.
2. He stops scrolling on his phone if you start talking to him.
3. He ignores any incoming notifications when you’re together.

2. Showing Vulnerability

When a guy is interested in you, he may start to show his vulnerable side. This means he is opening up to you, revealing his feelings and thoughts that he may not usually share with others.

Psychologically, this is a sign that he is comfortable with you and wants to deepen the relationship. He is letting his guard down and allowing himself to be vulnerable to you, which is a sign of his true feelings.

3 Other Examples Of What This Could Look Like Are:

1. He may share stories of his childhood, his family, or his insecurities.
2. He may share his hopes and dreams with you, or discuss his feelings about a certain situation.
3. He may share his innermost thoughts and feelings, even if he has never shared them with anyone else before.

3. Asking Mutual Friends About You

When a guy likes you, he will often find ways to indirectly learn more about you. One of the most common things he'll do is ask mutual friends about you in order to get an outside perspective. He wants to know more about you and your interests, as well as how you interact with other people.

Psychologically speaking, this behavior is driven by his desire to build a connection with you. He wants to know if you share any common interests, as well as to discover any potential compatibility issues.

3 Other Examples Of What This Could Look Like Are:

1. He might ask your friends about your current relationship status.
2. He may ask your friends about what kind of activities you like to do.
3. He could inquire about your favorite restaurants or music.

4. Noticing Changes

Guys who like you will pay attention to even the smallest changes in your physical appearance, attitude, or behavior. It could be a new hairstyle, a change in your attitude, or anything else that you may not even realize. They will also pick up on subtle changes in your mood.

Psychologically, noticing changes is a sign of genuine interest. By paying attention to the details, they are showing that they care about you. It also conveys a feeling of trust, that the person is comfortable enough to observe and take in the details of your life.

3 Other Examples Of What This Could Look Like Are:

1. Noticing when you switch up your outfit or makeup style.
2. Picking up on your subtle cues when you’re feeling anxious or stressed.
3. Giving you compliments when you try something new.

5. Being Respectful

When a guy likes you, he may go to great lengths to show you respect. He will pay attention to your words and actions, and he will always try to make sure that you are comfortable and happy.

Psychologically, by showing respect, he is trying to demonstrate to you that he is reliable, considerate, and trustworthy. He is also hoping to show you his maturity or good aspects of his character.

3 Other Examples Of What This Could Look Like Are:

1. He will always be on time for dates, even if it means that he has to make an effort to arrive earlier.
2. He will patiently listen to your opinions without imposing his own.
3. He will make sure that you feel comfortable when you’re around him.

6. Dressing to Impress

When a guy likes you, he will want to make a good impression on you. He may start paying more attention to his appearance and dressing nicer when he’s around you. He may even take more time to choose an outfit that he thinks you’ll find attractive.

On a psychological level, dressing to impress is an attempt to gain your approval and highlight his positive qualities. He may also be trying to signal his potential as a partner by presenting himself in a way that suggests he is confident and successful.

3 Other Examples Of What This Could Look Like Are:

1. Wearing clothes that match more closely with the latest trends.
2. Spending more time on grooming, such as getting a haircut or trimming his facial hair.
3. Wearing nicer shoes and accessories like a watch or a belt.

7. Avoiding Mention of Other Romantic Interests

When a guy likes you, he may avoid talking about other women or romantic interests. He wants you to know that he is interested in you and you alone. This is because he is trying to show you that he is sincere and committed to you.

Psychologically, this is a sign that the guy wants to be seen as trustworthy. He wants to demonstrate to you that you can depend on him.

3 Other Examples Of What This Could Look Like Are:

1. He won't mention the other women he has been on dates with.
2. He won't bring up names of other attractive women he sees.
3. He won't talk about potential dates with his friends or coworkers.

8. Physical Closeness

Physical closeness is a key sign a guy likes you. This can be anything from touching your arm when you’re talking, to sitting close to you, to standing near you when he’s talking. It’s all about proximity and how close he is to you. His body language will tell you a lot about how he feels.

Psychologically, physical closeness is a way of expressing comfort and familiarity. It’s an unconscious way of showing he’s interested and comfortable with being close to you.

3 Other Examples Of What This Could Look Like Are:

1. Standing close to you when you’re talking.
2. Sitting close to you.
3. Touching your arm when he’s making a point.

9. Seeking Your Opinion

When a guy likes you, he will actively seek out your opinion on various topics. He will want to know your thoughts and feelings on things, and he will be genuinely interested in what you have to say. This is because he values your opinion and wants to be closer to you. On a psychological level, this is because he wants to get to know you better and build a connection.

3 Other Examples Of What This Could Look Like Are:

1. He will ask your opinion on what type of restaurant to go to or what movie to watch.
2. He may bring up important decisions he has to make and ask for your advice.
3. He may ask your opinion on topics you're both passionate about, such as books, music, or politics.

10. Being Playfully Competitive

When a guy likes you, he may be inclined to get competitive. He may want to show you that he is better than other guys in different ways, with his wit, intelligence, or athletic ability. This playful competition is a way of subtly showing off his skills and asserting his dominance in order to gain your attention and admiration.

Psychologically, this is driven by the need to feel accepted and valued, as well as a desire to prove his worth to you. It can also be seen as a way of expressing his masculinity or flirting with you.

3 Other Examples Of What This Could Look Like Are:

1. Challenging you to a game of basketball or a race.
2. Competing with you in a trivia game or quiz.
3. Trying to one-up you in jokes or funny stories.

11. Excitement in Voice

When a guy likes you, he might be more animated and enthusiastic when speaking to you. He might talk with an extra level of excitement in his voice, which can be his way of expressing his feelings for you.

Psychologically, this is because his brain releases dopamine and oxytocin when he's around you, which makes him feel more energized, joyful, and enthusiastic.

3 Other Examples Of What This Could Look Like Are:

1. He might laugh more easily and sound genuinely happy when talking to you.
2. He might speak more loudly and intently.
3. He might raise the pitch of his voice when speaking to you.

12. Subtle Touches

He may not be able to help himself from gently touching your arm, your hand or your shoulder when he talks to you. This is his way of showing his attraction and interest in you, and it's even more telling if the touches are lingering. He's trying to make a connection on a physical level and to show that he likes being close to you.

Psychologically, touching is a way of creating a bond and conveying feelings. It’s also a way to show dominance, as he’s claiming you as his own.

3 Other Examples Of What This Could Look Like Are:

1. He might brush your hair back or lightly rub your back while you’re talking.
2. He might give you a gentle hug when you part ways.
3. He might hold your hand for a few seconds too long.

As you can see, guys have their own unique ways of showing their interest in someone. By being observant and aware of these 12 secret things they do, you can have a better understanding of their attraction towards you. So next time you're wondering if a guy likes you, keep these signs in mind and see if they start to reveal their true feelings.

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