1. Maternal Qualities: Freud believed in the Oedipus complex, where a young boy has an unconscious attraction to his mother. Thus, some men might find maternal or nurturing qualities attractive in women because of this early developmental stage.

2. Feminine Mystique: Freud often discussed the idea of the “feminine mystique” or the enigmatic nature of femininity. This mysterious and elusive quality may be something a man finds captivating.

3. Reciprocal Affection: Freud believed that humans have a fundamental desire to be loved. A woman's genuine affection and attention could be perceived as beautiful because it satisfies this basic human need.

4. Repression and Release: Freud suggested that repressed desires could manifest in various ways. A woman who balances modesty with moments of spontaneity or uninhibited joy might be attractive to some men, as she embodies the tension and release of repressed desires.

Antia & Brody Boyd
Antia & Brody Boyd

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