5 SYMPTOMS OF NARCISSISM & NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER (HOW TO KNOW FOR SURE!) ? Discover the top symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder and the symptoms of a narcissist man. Female narcissist symptoms are also very similar, so knowing what are symptoms of narcissism and they key narcissistic disorder symptoms will keep you informed and aware! The symptoms of a narcissist can often be convert, and knowing the symptoms of narcissist abuse and even the symptoms of malignant narcissism can be super important to make sure you avoid getting stuck in a BAD situation. Enjoy! ?

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Would you like to discover the five symptoms of narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder? Hi, I'm Antia Boyd, founder and creator of the Magnetize Your Man Method, and if you are new to my channel, I invite you to subscribe below, so you get notified, when the next juicy article that helps you, to attract the right man for you comes your way. 

Now narcissism has been actually really prevalent in my own life, as well as my clients' lives. Attracting narcissistic men, and also learning to trust ourselves, to know that we are actually in fact dealing, with a narcissistic man, is of the utter importance. So I curated five symptoms for you, to uncover quickly, if you're dealing with a narcissist. 

5. Living In An Illusion 

Now, you get the sense that they have their own reality, that is not really connected to the reality or your reality. And you really notice that it's really like a self-serving reality as well. So I'll give you an example when I was growing up and I have a narcissistic mother. She would actually be able to yell at me and go back into her living room and laugh out loud, from her heart for something that she was watching. So she was so strongly connected to her reality, that actually my reality doesn't impact her at all. And she even said, “You can be right on paper, “black on white, and you still are not going to be right.”

So, there is really the sort of distortion of that sense of self-perception, in the narcissist, and that's what you really feel when you attract narcissistic men into your life. It makes you feel a little bit like, “Hmm, what's happening? “That's kind of weird, that's kind of strange.” And you also start to kind of question it and doubt yourself. So they live in their own illusion. 

4. Needing Constant Praise And Admiration

So I oftentimes actually tell my women who give a lot of their power away, and they're sort of like the doormats. What you really need to do, in order to become a narcissist repellent, is actually understanding how the dynamic between you and a narcissist works. So doormats are actually constantly feeding his confidence and his grandiose self esteem, which is by the way, not that healthy, integrated, aligned self-esteem. It's really disconnected disassociated for sure, and what's really important about that is that if you don't give them the admiration and the adoration, and if you don't give them the applause and the approval. They actually become really unhappy really quickly.

This can look two different ways, they can and become condescending, and we'll be talking about that today, or they can actually become a victim. So they can actually make themselves a victim, and say things like, “I never get the attention from you, “it's always about you.” So they will start projecting out as well. So something to be aware of because it may mess with your head. 

So you've got to be careful, got to be grounded, got to make sure that, okay, so is this actually true. And am I actually getting just as much approval, appraise, praise, admiration, adoration from him as well? The answer with a narcissist will be, you are not, it is all about him. Now you can often tell. Because let's say your texts with him, you meet somebody online, they will just talk about themselves, and most likely, they will not ask you a lot of questions. 

3. Having A Huge Sense Of Entitlement

So the narcissist always feels like the world owes them. The world owes him or her, depending on who it might be, they will try to guilt trip you and shame you. And there's always like this, “Me, me, me, poor me, “I didn't have a good life. “I deserve better,” so this is like, “I should be treated differently.” So they will certainly put themselves on a pedestal. So you don't even have to put them on a pedestal, they will do that themselves. And they really will think. “No, it's all about me.”

I'll give you an example. I used to go on like lots of road trips with my girlfriends. And so one day, one of my friends, who was a guy, actually brought his new crush or whatever, what with him. So we get to this restaurant, and we have to stand in line. We're all obviously waiting until we can order, now the narcissist, she walks straight up front, she actually walks into the kitchen, she yells at the chef, you know what I mean? 

She tells her what she wants, do you see it, what's the sense of entitlement? Why does she, why is she better than everybody else, who's standing in line. We're all hungry, okay? We're all on road trips. So again, it would be like, so distorted, it's just all about her, and if it's not about her, it becomes this really uncomfortable tension. It starts to feel like really, really weird, and it feels really tense. You can really feel that also in your system as well, because they will of course project that out. Absolutely, no doubt about that. 

2. Exploiting Others Without Guilt Or Shame

This leads, of course, to symptom number two, which is he will exploit others, by guilt tripping, by shaming, there is no stopping. He will invade your boundaries. And this is something to be really, really careful with, because if you have already a relatively low sense of self esteem. That's why narcissists usually look for that anyway, so this is a whole different article on how to become a narcissist repellent.

They're not holding back at all. It's all about them. They will never feel guilty. They will take the last shirt off your back. They will drive your car to empty. They will mess up your house, they will mess up your life, and they will not feel a peep inside of themselves. They will be nothing. It will be complete exploitation and you will be feeling exhausted, rejected, abandoned, certainly, taken advantage of, because there is no equal give or take.

This person only takes, only takes. And you may notice that you may have actually even girlfriends, that come over and it's always about them. Or do you know that friend that when you see their name, appearing in the display of your cell phone, you're not going to answer, why? Because it's just all about her, and it's always just drama, and there's no question about you, and you can also have it on dates as well.

You can actually see really quickly, do they want you to drive all the way to them? Do they want you to step out of your own way. So those are really good markers to understand if you're dealing with a narcissist right there. 

1. Frequently Demeaning, Intimidating, Or Belittling 

And finally, symptom number one, they will be frequently intimidating you, belittling you, demeaning you, and here's the thing. It's time actually starts off, rather, you know what I mean? Actually, rather harmless. There will be a little sarcastic comment. Little condescension here. And just like, they may just make a comment that you don't look the best in your dress. Or maybe you wear much makeup, or whatever. So they will make just little comments like that, and then again, if you are criticizing yourself, not a good combination. Because he will, of course, totally take advantage of that, why is that? Well, because it makes him feel better.

So the less worthy you feel, the more worthy he feels. I notice this totally sick, this is totally distorted, but that's how a narcissist operates. So they really operate by making other people feel less than. Because remember they have this grandiose self esteem, and it's all about them, and it's about all their reality, and they're on the pedestal. So that they get all the attention, they put you in your place, they have you in the palm of their hand, and can sabotage you, and of course exploit you, as much as they want. So look out for just those little belittling comments, this even starts on online dating.

You can always see that with my clients, just little comments like that, they're like, “Oh, wow, oh, “you could lose a couple pounds,” Or, “You could do this.” Or, “That was like a weird photo,” you know what I mean? there's always like a little bit of something, it's a little bit static. It was a little bit like, “I don't know, “that was not really kind,” right? And so they test you, because they actually see how much are you willing to take? And so this is something that you definitely, definitely, super, super important, you want to keep in mind. 


So those are the five symptoms, of a narcissist, and of course narcissistic disorder. And if you want to learn more about that, then definitely hop on hover to click the button below, and grab that quiz that I created there as well, that is really for women, who have an anxious, avoidant, attachment style, who attract narcissists into their life, all day, every day, it's always about the other person, and also I would love to hear from you, the question of the day, is which of those symptoms, resonated with you the most and why? All right, I am so excited. Again, hop on hover to, click the button below, grab your quiz right there, I'm so excited to talk to you again soon!

Antia Boyd
Antia Boyd

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