5 FEMININE TRAITS THAT MEN CAN'T RESIST (#2 IS LIKE HONEY TO BEES!) ?? These top femininity traits can reveal the difference between masculinity and femininity to help you attract high-quality, available men! Femininity characteristics can sometimes be confusing, so discovering these masculinity versus femininity examples and the keys to feminine vs masculine energy will really help you to embrace the ultra femininity that is already inside of you! EMBRACING your own femininity in general is the first step, and knowing these big differences between feminine versus masculine energy and having clear femininity EXAMPLES will get you well started on your journey. Enjoy! ?

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Would you like to discover the five feminine traits that men can't resist? Hi, I'm Antia Boyd Founder and Creator of the Magnetize Your Man method. And if you're new to my blog, don't forget to subscribe right below so we'll notify you when that next article comes around and helps you to attract that right man for you. So let's go ahead and dive right in and learn more about what men can't resist.

5. Little Girl Energy & Playfulness

Trait number five is, be in your little girl energy. Hold onto Antia, what the heck do you mean by that? So the little girl energy is a really playful energy. It's really carefree. Your little girl is in the moment and she's spontaneous. So there's not a lot of planning. There's grabbing somebody's hand, rolling down the hill, trying out a new restaurant, being in the moment, even going on a walk and maybe just stopping and admiring the fragrance of the flower. 

I know this can sound cliche, maybe you see an animal coming by and you're petting it. Or, just really being in the moment, and just really think about a little girl. So when you go to a playground, and you see little girls, they're literally twirling, and they're holding their dress. And they're twirling around and to just have so much fun, they're really embodied. Like little girls are really, really embodied. And that's something that's really really attractive to a man and that men can't resist. 

4. Intuition – Extremely Mysterious

Trait number four is, intuition, yes, I know this can actually feel quite scary because it's something where you have to trust yourself. But that's why it is so magnetic, men can't resist when a woman is trusting her intuition. Now, why is that? Well, for one, it actually creates a really mysterious allure around her because when we follow our intuition we oftentimes don't even know ourselves. We don't even know ourselves why we want to go to the right or why we want to go to the party or why we don't want to go to that restaurant. But we have this instinct. 

And also that feminine instinct as well, that actually guides us in the right direction. And so when a man meets a woman, who's really connected to her instinct, he's really drawn to that because he's wondering how she knows that? What space is she coming from? What is the space that informs her about this intuition? So he's trying to access that space because it feels very clean and very pure. And like I said before, it's a little bit mysterious, it's not tangible.

And so it can drive a man wild when a woman is really connected to her intuition when she just really feels no, I need to go this way. Because think about it this way. When you are following your intuition, you actually have a lot of conviction. And so the men will be respecting that, but also wondering where she took that conviction from, it's not a logical step. I can't intellectually actually comprehend that. But yet, there's something about that. 

Sometimes when men say, this woman, she just has something, there's just something about her. Like that's that intuition and leaning into the unknown. And actually her knowing that she is the unknown to herself. And so of course, then she continues to continue to be mysterious even to him because there's more and more unknown to explore. And there’s never any assumptions. There's never anything that becomes dry. There's always just feeling “Ooh, we're a little bit on the edge. It's not quite 100% stable.” And so the men actually want to know the outcome, but they're never going to get there. But it's so highly attractive. 

3.  Holds Her Own – Boundaries

Which leads me to trait number three, men can't resist a woman who holds her own. That's right ladies, so if you don't agree with something that he shares, you need to actually express that. You are actually holding your own. So you're challenging him, but mutual respect actually also comes from holding up your own boundaries.

Now in my King and Queen matrix, we actually talk about the Queen because the Queen this will be that part, that is the balance between the doormat, doormat being the one that gives all of her power away, has no boundaries whatsoever. But definitely is warm and approachable. And then you also have the bitch and the bitch on the other side is completely edgy. she's all boundaries, but she's disassociated. She's not connected. So the Queen is the marriage between the two.

So that's what a woman has that men can't resist. It's this incredible warm, but yet very strong boundary that she's not going to sell out on. She's still going to be completely emotionally available, but she will not sell out on herself. She will not sell out on her values. And she will speak up early on in the relationship when something doesn't work for her. Like if she felt there was something off at the dinner, when she meets him, she will literally let him know right away and not wait two weeks. 

2. Authenticity 

Trait number two is, authenticity. So let's break this down a little bit. So authenticity is really true transparency. It's true self transparency and also interpersonal transparency. Self transparency, meaning you are actually honest with yourself. And interpersonal transparency is really all about really sharing with the other person what's on your heart.

So I'll give you an example. When my husband and I were dating for about four or five months. I just, I sometimes had this pet peeve where he left dishes in the sink. And I know I'm sure you're probably having a smile on your face right now because it probably relates to something you have experienced too. And so I was okay, I could manipulate him and just be sick and tired of this. But I wanted to be committed to being authentic and transparent in this relationship so I can create true intimacy. So what I did instead is I called myself out on it. So I actually walked up to him and I told him that I wanted to manipulate him.

What, is that real? Yes, absolutely. And what did it take was overcoming my internal dialogue that was saying Antia are you insane, have you lost your mind? He's never going to trust you again. You're giving all your power away because now he's going to expect you to manipulate him. Now, first of all, this didn't happen because he actually couldn't resist that level of honesty and transparency. So he became more attracted to me.

Of course he ended up proposing to me a couple months later, but also he opened up to me even more and was more transparent with himself and with me. And he was actually saying when something was coming up for him, a shadow side of him, meaning something that he was judging inside of himself or that he may have been even afraid that I may be judging as well. So that is incredibly irresistible. 

1. Charisma – Big Emotional Range

And finally trait number one is charisma. So hold on, what is charisma? Charisma is character and radiance. Now, how's that actually expressed on an everyday basis? You have a massive emotional range. So women who have a lot of charisma can go from an extreme amount of sadness and even grief. And they can go all the way up to rage, fury, anger, and they can also go into extremes. They can transition into the joy, the happiness, the ecstasy, the silliness, the goofiness. So they are really the life force embodied basically.

And so that's extremely charismatic because what happens is normally when we see a person, we just expect them to be a certain way. But if they're not, they become extremely fascinating. And also it's extremely magnetic because somewhere inside of ourselves, we actually know inside of that we all have that emotional range. And that sometimes even when you express it at a level 10, if you express anger at a level 10, if you express grief at a level 10, if you express happiness, literally outrageously at level 10. It's going to be so attractive and the men will be “You're so silly”. But he actually will not be able to resist it. 


So there you have it, the five feminine traits that men can't resist. So the question of the day is of course, which of those five traits are you already embodying or would you like to embody more? If you're struggling with that, I invite you to hop on over to click the button below and grab my quiz right there. Learn more about yourself, where are you stuck? What's happening? Where's your internal dialogue? How are you talking to yourself? How's that serving you or not serving you and potentially even having a call with me. So again, hop on over to click the button below or click that link right below. I hope this was helpful for you, much luck to you. I'm looking forward to seeing all your comments below the article. And also if you like this article, share it with your girlfriends. Let's talk about it. Let's have a discussion!

Antia Boyd
Antia Boyd

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