If you’ve ever had thoughts like “I’m feeling unimportant to my boyfriend”, “I’m feeling unimportant in my marriage” or “I’m feeling unimportant to my husband”, then this new training will help! When you feel unimportant in a relationship, it can be very challenging especially if you’re feeling unimportant in a long-distance relationship. When you feel unimportant, it can cause you to question your own worth or even question if you’re with the right person. Feeling unimportant in marriage or feeling unimportant to husband can also be particularly challenging. Learn these 5 secrets to STOP feeling unimportant to him and regain your confidence and self-value once-and-for-good! 😊

1. Make Yourself Visible

Cure number one is make yourself visible. If you feel unimportant it may be because he doesn't think you're important, because you're not visible. He doesn't see you. He doesn't feel you. He can't sense you. You’re just walking around like a robot, and you’re half out of your body, half in your body. You're not really associated. So really make yourself visible.

But wait a minute, what do I mean by that exactly? Being fully visible means speaking to what you feel, as in what is happening inside of yourself. Show who you really are, versus diminishing who you really are, diminishing how you really feel, diminishing your opinions. So, don’t diminish yourself; do the opposite and really have the courage to lean into the edge, to disagree, and to be authentic to yourself.

2. Make Yourself a Priority

Cure number two is to make yourself a priority. If you feel unimportant in a relationship, it’s often because you make him feel so much more important, as if he's on this pedestal that you don't put yourself on. So, really make yourself a priority, meaning become more self-focused. Focus on yourself, versus on the other person. Stop that codependent pattern. Break through your fear that you are selfish, or that you're arrogant, or that you're inconsiderate, or narcissistic, or whatever fear you have that keeps you from focusing on yourself. Like really, watch the movie that you want to watch; hang out with the girlfriends that you want to hang out with; have the drink that you like to drink. Put yourself first. Make yourself a priority.

3. Shine Your Light

Cure number three is to shine your unique light. This goes more into don't be afraid to disagree. Don't be afraid to outshine him. Don't be afraid to be yourself. Be quirky. Be silly. Be ridiculous. Be whatever you want to be, and shine your unique light. Be unapologetic about it. But what if he puts you down for it? What if he makes you feel bad for it? Well, then you just smile and you say c’est la vie (that’s life). Just really own it – your unique light, especially if you have a small flavor of being crazy, of being outrageous, for doing things differently. I used to go into my husband's office and just dance like a fish, and then I would go back into my office and continue to work. Some people would call that crazy, but that was me shining my unique light. That's what makes me happy and I really believe that's why I have such a happy marriage after seven years. If you'd like to learn more about this I'd highly recommend taking our free quiz to get your custom gifts & support now using the special button below!

4. Consider You Might Not Be With the Right Person

Cure number four is to consider that you might not be with the right person. I know this is a hard pill to swallow, but you deserve to feel cherished. You deserve to feel celebrated. You deserve to feel supported. You deserve to feel seen in all of your shades and flavors and fragrances, and when he doesn't do that, it's maybe because he's not the right person for you. If he doesn't appreciate you, for example, maybe he just doesn't value the pearls that you are wearing, which are very precious. He doesn't see that they're valuable collectibles, but rather he just sees them as belonging in a secondhand shop.

So, you need to find the right match – someone who really appreciates you for who you really are. You can turn yourself into a pretzel over and over again, but if he’s not the right person, nothing is going to change. All that’s going to change is that your self-respect will go down. Your self-worth will go down. Your self-dignity will go down, and eventually, you will lose yourself. Rather, just really embrace that he just may not be right for you. I've seen this with lots of women who have worked with me over the years, and yes, you definitely want to work on loving yourself, but then if nothing shifts after that, just really consider thinking about leaving the relationship and really finding and attracting a man into your life who makes you feel cherished, supported, and taken care of. There are clear signs he doesn't love you anymore and that you should move on. If you want more support with this I'd also highly recommend joining our FREE Facebook Dating Support group now using the special link below!

5. Date Yourself

Lastly, cure number five is date yourself. Yes, you heard me right – date yourself. You know what? I was called crazy by a guy when I told him that I was dating myself. I was actually on a date and I just had drinks, and then I excused myself because I was actually going on a date by myself; I was going to the movies, and he thought that was super weird. I thought, I'm so glad you're saying that, because wired weird means wired to the universe. So, I invite you to date yourself and to love on yourself. Dress up like you would dress if you’re going on your most amazing date; get your hair done; go to your favorite restaurant. I'm telling you, it is such an experience to be in your own energy, to feel your own essence, to feel your own flavor of how you think. You can also make the distinction of what it feels like to be you, and you notice more when you're leaving yourself and you’re losing yourself.

So, really date yourself. If your boyfriend or your partner doesn't make you feel special, then make yourself feel special. Draw yourself this juicy, delectable bath. Play your music. Cook your favorite meal. Just really enjoy life. And what's going to happen is that you are going to be so visible to him, which goes back to cure number one. You’re going to be so visible to him, because he’ll wonder what is going on with you? Who are you dressing up for? Well, I'm dressing up for myself. I'm enjoying my time by myself. So, don't forget to commit to yourself first and date yourself first. 

I Feel Unimportant In My Relationship Conclusion

So those are the five cures to stop feeling unimportant in relationships. For more great content like this, subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE, and if you want to discover how to feel cherished, supported, and taken care of in a long-term relationship, then I HIGHLY recommend taking my FREE “Magnetize Your Man” Quiz and get your free personalized strategy by clicking the button now below!

Antia Boyd
Antia Boyd

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