Discover how to know if he is cheating with this new QUIZ! Often the signs a man has slept with another woman can be tough to distinguish and also how to know “is he cheating or am I paranoid?” The answer is to know the 5 signs that he has feelings for another woman with this new “is he cheating” quiz!

1. Is He Giving You MORE Attention Than Usual? (When He's Around)

Okay, girlfriend, what happens when he cheats on you? He feels guilty. So what ends up happening is he will want to overcompensate for it, he wants to make up for it, which often translates to him actually giving you more attention. This means more roses, more phone calls, more compliments, just more. You see, something about that is wrong though, because if you feel like, “Well, he normally doesn't give me that many compliments and he normally doesn't bring me roses,” right? 

There's just something about the phrase, “Do you feel guilty?” I don't know if you watch some of those TV shows where even women say that sometimes when the man comes home and cooks her favorite meal, and then she's like, “Are you in trouble? What did you do, what news do you have to deliver to me?” Because everyone knows, even little kids do that. They try to makeup, they try to clean the house because they got themselves into big trouble. So we know that as well, so if you get to this sign, there is a chance that they could be cheating on you. So it's your turn to comment below and let me know, has this happened to you? 

is he cheating quiz

2. Does Something FEEL Off?

There is this quote that says, “If a woman feels something is not right, something is not right.” We have this instinct inside of ourselves that’s evolutionary. For one, we needed to know the difference between the different cries of a baby. We also needed to know the difference between certain berries we can eat versus the poisonous ones because otherwise the whole tribe would be eliminated or our babies would simply die. So if you feel something is off, something is not right, there's just this air of mistrust that starts to build around you, chances are there is something off. 

There’s a lot of research, and I know this is going to be a little bit intense, but of a lot of abduction victims and rape victims and research showed that most of the victims got the sense before they went into the truck, or before they followed the man home, or whatever the case may be, that something is just a little bit off. The problem was that they then actually overrode it and gave them the benefit of the doubt instead of trusting their evolutionary instinct. That's really how deep it is, it's evolutionary, it's so intelligent, so trust it, girlfriend. 

3. Is He Gaslighting You?

Yes, you heard me right, when he cheats on you, he will accuse you of cheating on him. Brilliant, just think about it, because it's distracting from him cheating on you. I mean, it's so great, it's saying, “Attack is the best defence.” It's clever, except that you can, of course, see that. I often have clients come to me who tell me stories where the man has accused them of cheating and has wanted to see the text messages that they received from maybe coworkers or other people, and there was literally no reason because they were the same messages that she was receiving before, yet now he starts to make a big deal out of it. 

By the way, this also comes from a psychological principle called projection. What happens here is, if we have a quality inside of ourselves that we don't want to embody, we don't want to see – let's say there is a quality of jealousy, and you don't want to see that because you don't want to be feeling insecure or inadequate, what you then do is you project it onto the man, so you're saying the man is jealous.

So the same is happening here in the gaslighting, so he has such a conscience around what he shouldn't do that he's projecting it out so he doesn't have to sit with it. Can you imagine how uncomfortable it is if you're cheating on your partner? Exactly, so let me know in the comment section if this has happened to you; if your man has doubted you when there was no reason to doubt or if he all of a sudden became jealous when he never was jealous before. If so, I’m sorry, girlfriend, the chances are he is cheating on you. 

how to tell if he's cheating quiz

4. Is He Inconsistent?

He's just not coming home at the same time, or maybe he used to text you every day, or maybe twice a day, or maybe he would call you once a day, and now he's not checking in with you maybe for a couple of days, there's something that starts to become inconsistent. The same is true for his body language, just watch, is he still sitting right across from you or does he now need to start to turn a little bit? Can he hold eye contact? Is his voice starting to break?

You can pick up an inconsistency in many different ways, you can pick it up energetically, like I said before, right, you can just really see it, you can feel it. You can pick it up emotionally, you can feel if a man is really engaged with you, or if a man is almost unavailable emotionally, he's just not giving you the same emotional attention and affection that he used to give you. I would keep an eye on that, and again, let me know in the comment section if inconsistency has occurred, even in your current partnership, or maybe someone you've dated in the past.

5. Is He Often Absent?

Now, with absence, I mean, even when you're intimate with him, do you feel his mind is just somewhere else? Maybe you take a trip together to spend some quality time but for some reason, you don’t feel like he’s really connecting with you.  Maybe he needs more privacy than he usually does or in the middle of the night he gets up to “check his work emails,” whatever the case may be, things feel different, he feels a little absent. This is a true story, this has happened to one of my clients, he started to be absent, and then, of course, it turned out that he indeed was cheating on her but what she did instead gave him the benefit of the doubt. So comment below if this has been the case for you. Let's stop giving cheaters the benefit of the doubt!

Is He Cheating Quiz Conclusion

So let me know in the comment section, have you ever dated a man who has shown any of these signs, or are you even dating a man right now who is showing any of these signs? So again, if you enjoyed this article, then please share it with all of your friends, and don't forget to subscribe to the blog!

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