Wondering how you can fully tap into your feminine side? In this guide, we will explain how to give off feminine energy, sharing five feminine traits that men find irresistible.

1. Playfulness

So, first of all, what is playfulness? Playfulness is when you're tapping into that little girl energy within you – when you're having fun, you're able to take things lightly, you're able to be spontaneous, you're able to tease, you're able to flirt. It's the opposite of being closed off, having trust issues, being rigid. It's this little girl flow and approach to life. With a man that you're able to have fun with, you're able to let your hair down, you're able to enjoy yourself, you're able to go with the flow in a lot of ways. 

So why is it so important? Because a man needs to feel that feminine energy and he feels that with your sense of play and being in touch with your little girl energy. That's one of the most feminine, compelling things that will attract a masculine man to you; to want to nurture, to want to take care of you, to want to commit to you, to want to be your hero. So the more you can let that out, the more he will be drawn to you and into that energy. So you want to be embracing that energy with your man. 

So how do you do this? There are a lot of ways to do this when you’re with a man like telling some jokes, having fun, maybe teasing a little bit, flirting. Being willing to be a bit spontaneous, maybe you guys are walking next to a swing set when you're out walking and all of a sudden you just go and jump on the swing and you start swinging and he starts laughing and comes to join you. That's the idea, you want to bring out that little boy in him and you can do that by being playful and in touch with your little girl. It's very compelling, no matter what age you are at, you can draw that out within yourself and then draw that out in him. 

Some other ways to show off your playfulness is just to have that sense of play in the world. So have fun with your meal, have fun while you're trying something out that you've never tried before when you're on a date, you might have a fun, exotic drink or some interesting food. An example of this is when I met Antia, she was good at dancing. She would just do these spontaneous dances when we were in the room together, just talking or just hanging out or she would celebrate, something good happened and she'd just jump up and down doing her own thing in her world. It's very feminine, very attractive.

how to give off feminine energy

2. Caring

Why is it so important to be caring? Because a man biologically is going to be attracted to that nurturing, almost motherly energy inside of you. Now it's not about being a mom to him because that'll just pull him into his little boy, but to see that you can be a good mom and you can have that nurturing energy. If you were to have kids together or if not, that will be also compelling to a man from a biological level because evolutionarily men are programmed to procreate as are women, we want to procreate and part of that is the gender roles of a father and a mother. So that can be very attractive to a man to feel that you could take that role. That's what creates that polarity and creates that masculine-feminine chemistry. The only thing that creates chemistry and attraction is masculine-feminine polarity. 

You can demonstrate this with that caringness and nurturing towards him. If he's having a bad day, ask him how he’s feeling or hug him, put your arm around him and just say, “do you want to talk about it” or “what do you need right now or what can I do to help?” That caring energy can show him that you have that inside of you. You don’t want to become a doormat, however,  where you're just using that as a technique to get him to you, but tapping into that authentic, mothering, nurturing energy that you can bring out at the right moments so he can see that part in you and will make it very compelling to him. 

How else can you do this? Well, you can demonstrate this with how you treat other people. So he can see you being caring to little kids or maybe your mom or a friend. If you're on a date, being really caring to strangers, even if the waiter is having a hard day say, “you're doing a great job. We appreciate you.” He'll feel like, wow, she seems like a kindhearted woman. I know Antia, when we were dating in the early stages, she was also very willing to come to me when I was having a hard time when I was either sick or maybe having some uncertainty, some fear around my next steps in my career, my purpose. She would just be there, whether it's just cuddling or hugging and just being accepting of where I was at and not trying to pressure me or criticize me during those times and that wrapped me in and made me feel like “wow, I could see this woman as a life partner.” 

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3. Authenticity

Now, this is a very key feminine trait. So, what is authenticity? Authenticity is you being willing to be vulnerable, being your real self, showing those parts that you might be scared to share. Your quirks, the things that you might think are weird, the things that make you different from other people. Almost to an extreme, what are those extreme parts of you that are just very different? When you're feeling emotions, actually letting him see those emotions because he's going to know something's going on anyway so you might as well just show them because part of feminine energy is that feminine flow of the emotions, it's like the ocean. Femininity is the ocean whereas masculinity is the rock, the feminine flows it's the weather, it changes on a monthly cycle. It's constantly changing and it's okay. That's a feminine trait that will be attractive to a masculine man. 

So when you're feeling those emotions, when you're feeling a certain way, be willing to share that, be willing to show that and flow with it and not to make it mean anything and seeing it as something that’s wrong, but just to be in it, it's okay that you have emotions. That will be attractive when he sees that you own that. It's so important to be authentic because it'll show him that you are feminine, that you do have feelings, that you are in touch with your feelings, that you flow with your feelings, you're okay with feeling emotions and being yourself. Being yourself is also a sign of confidence. Oscar Wilde said, “nobody can be better than you. So you might as well be you”. So embrace it, embrace that uniqueness. It'll also show him who you are, and that will be compelling. Your uniqueness is one of the most seductive things about you because there's nobody else with your exact makeup DNA-wise, personality-wise. So you are a scarce and valuable resource, own it and demonstrate it. 

Some other ways you can embody this are by sharing stories, sharing some unique stories from your life that demonstrate your personality, and demonstrating your lifestyle. So share experiences you had last weekend, when you were younger, anytime really. Give him a glimpse into your world and ride those emotions as you share this story. Whether it's the high of you being just happy or really excited about something, or it's the low of being really scared or sad when something happened. So whatever that journey was for you, share that with him. 

I remember when I met Antia, there was a moment when we were in a hot tub together. This was maybe three weeks after we met, and I was asking her some questions about her financial situation and her life situation and she started getting emotional; you might even say having a breakdown. No part of me was like “whoa, whoa, this is a lot. I don't want to get involved with this” but part of me did pull back a little bit. Mostly though, I was compelled because I activated my nurturing instinct. I wanted to protect her, I wanted to help her but I also felt that femininity, I felt that uniqueness about her. She was willing to show me that dark place, show me her emotions and not hold them back and that was compelling to me, even though it was a little scary at the time.

So again, you don't want to just dump everything on him and you don't want to be hyper-emotional, but you can give him those glimpses and show him that and be authentic in that sense. If you are just an emotional mess, maybe you do need to get some help, and that's where our coaching can help, or you might need some more heavy therapy, but showing those emotions, that's going to be a compelling part. You don't need to be so afraid of being rejected or what he might think of those feelings. Often it'll be the very thing that pulls him towards you. 

how to give off feminine energy

4. Creativity

Creativity is tapping into that artistic part of you, the part of your brain that is more intuitive and more imaginative. This goes along with the playfulness we talked about earlier, but it is that imagination, that play, that spontaneity also that creativity, the right brain. It is not logic, it is not structure, it is not action, action, action, action, checking things off a to-do list. It's the opposite of that, which is a big part of feminine energy.

Masculine energy is very logical and structured and “let's get things done.” Feminine energy is very intuitive, flowing, creative, spontaneous, playful. So embracing that creative part, whether that's showing him your creative talents, maybe you have a talent for drawing, painting, crafting things. Maybe you're good at dancing. Maybe you're good at singing. Find those opportunities to express that, maybe even with him. Show him an article or it could just be when you're with him – showing your creativity through your jokes, through your choice in food, your choice in drinks, your choice in clothes, your choice in conversation topics. 

Antia, loves to ask these questions in dating, “if you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be?” Or “if you were chocolate, what type of chocolate would you be?” Or “if you were a country, what country would you be?” Or “if you were an animal, what animal would you be?” So these are fun, creative topics that can bring out a lot of creativity in him as well and then give you a chance to show some of your creativity and your playfulness in the conversation. That can be attractive as well and show the feminine trait of creativity.

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5. Happiness

Now, what do you mean by happiness? Happiness is you letting yourself feel joy, pleasure, enjoyment, fun, having fun when you're with a man. Why is this so attractive to a man? Because it shows that you are open to life. You're open to experiencing and receiving. Now receiving is a very key feminine trait. The masculine is about giving and pleasing and penetrating. The feminine is about receiving and enjoying and following. So by you being happy and showing when you're experiencing pleasure or joy of life or something he did for you, if he opens the door for you or if he came to give you something when you were not feeling well, or he wrote you a nice message, it's very attractive to the man and draws people to you

It's being the sun, not the planets, the flame, not the moths. That smile draws people in. It's also part of that playfulness, that little girl energy, having joy. I sometimes make fun of my wife and say she's a pleasure receptor, like when I'm tickling her on her arm and she's “Oh!” So how can you be that pleasure receptor? So when a man is doing something you enjoy, you let him know. You make it very clear you're enjoying that and that you're happy with that. That's how you reward a man. That's how you train him, in a sense, to be your king, to be your hero, to want to provide for you because he can feel that he's winning with you, that his efforts have fruit, his efforts making a difference and you're valuing him. 

A big part of masculinity for men is feeling valued. They want to have what they do be appreciated and if it's not appreciated, they're going to go to somebody who does appreciate who they are and what they can do. It’s that fundamental need to feel appreciated. So let yourself feel that enjoyment, letting yourself feel that pleasure. So what are some other ways you can do that? Appreciating him and saying thank you, saying you're my hero. I love it when you do that, or it's so sexy when you do that.

Of course, we talked about smiling, but it could also be about moaning in a sense, of course, this can be applied to sex, but it could just be in general situations. Moaning if he's giving you a massage, it could just be having happiness towards life. Skipping when you're walking down the street or dancing or singing, we talked about and expressed that… Letting your song go out into the universe. A way that I know Antia has done this is she goes “yippee, yippee!” which is that child part, but whenever something happens that you're enjoying, you just go “yippee!” like you're that kid on the playground. It's a great way of sharing that part of you and being very attractive as well so hope this was enjoyable for you. 

How To Give Off Feminine Energy Conclusion

Hope this was helpful for you. Now, I recommend you do next is reading the powerful article that I made on the five keys to making him respect you. Check it out, I know you're going to love it as well and keep reading because these principles are going to help you, especially if you implement them.

Antia Boyd
Antia Boyd

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