Discover the 7 most attractive qualities in a woman and the most attractive personality traits in a woman that men can't resist! What does a man look for in a woman? Often the answers can be surprising but when you know what makes a woman desirable and the most attractive personality traits in a woman, you can have high-quality men pursing & desiring you regularly. Enjoy! 😊

1. Confidence

What man doesn't love a woman who can really be confident walking in her heels, attracting all the energy towards her? Now confidence in and of itself is defined as an ability to deal with whatever comes your way. So there is almost an internal irresistibility, an internal resilience that you're exuding. There’s something about you that says you're not afraid of anything that comes your way. So naturally, your behavior, your body language, your words will come from a place of love and a place of expansion. 

When you're not confident, your body language and so on will come from a place of fear and limitation and scarcity, and guess what? We are transferring those emotions to the other person. So if we feel confident about ourselves, the man will also feel extremely confident about himself after he went on a date with us. So confidence is extremely attractive to men. 

most attractive personality traits in a woman

2. Adventure

Now, this is actually due to two different things. One is that men love variety. This is why men love to date. This is why they hit up different bars, have lots of friends; they love variety. Variety also means adventure and adventure is combined with risk. You are at risk of really living on the edge of your comfort zone, doing something different. 

This goes along with the category of growth, which of course,  is super important for a couple/relationship to be sustainable versus becoming stale and hitting a plateau. Besides, he also wants to see how you are behaving. How much are you embracing risk and adventure? Because the truth of the matter is life in itself is an adventure. This also allows him to see how you are dealing with the unknown. Does he have to walk on eggshells all the time or can he be comfortable? Like actually leaning in a little bit more, risking a little bit more because he knows that you have the capacity inside of yourself. 

3. Holding Your Own

Now, this of course goes back to being independent; holding her own. Like really knowing who she is, what she is made out of, what her hobbies are, she has her friendship circles. Now to give you a story, when I was first with my incredible husband Brody of seven years, he was impressed how much I was holding my own. 

I was coming to Hawaii from the mainland by myself, I also came from Germany to the US by myself. So there was something that said to him, “wow, this woman has a vision and she's carrying the vision out, she's holding her own.” Also, I was dating other men as well. Now, don't do that purposefully like if you're doing that to make him jealous. For me, it just happened. So, because I was holding my own, I was living my life, I wasn't putting someone else on a pedestal, but instead, I was putting if anything, myself, on a pedestal and asked myself all the time, “Am I enjoying myself? Do I want to have another date?” 

attractive qualities in a woman

4. Being The Original You

That's the saying, “Choose you because all the other roles are already taken.” So you may as well be you. Why is that important? I remember on my journey, I tried so hard not to be me. I came from Eastern Germany, I learned to be extremely competent, I was wearing a lot of black, a professional suit and so on, right, and I was terrified to wear a flower dress. Now we're not talking about outfits today, but the point here is that I was terrified of what that flower dress represented, which was that playful part inside of me, that child self, that was so much more “me.” It was so much more my essence, I'm so silly, I'm a handful, I'm a goofball, and all of that was hidden. And I was wondering why I was simply not attracting the right man for me at all. All these men wanted me to be this non-emotional being that doesn't have any needs. 

Now, once I started to be that original authentic me, my husband loved it and also some men that I met before as well, but it was so refreshing to not be sad or angry. Ladies, I was the biggest biatch the night before my husband proposed to me, again, I'm not saying be the biggest bitch, so he proposes to you tomorrow, but I was authentically me. Right? I was my original self. I was not trying to be someone else. I was not comparing myself to someone else who was maybe more mature or maybe more composed but instead I was working on magnifying the qualities that I did have. So give it a try. 

5. Compassionate Communication

I remember a time when I was dating my husband and, okay, this is going to be a very interesting example but I just want to drive home a point. It’s about being always in communication with my man. So whatever I think, I say; what I do is in alignment, which of course is how you create the ultimate trust that causes the deeply connected intimacy that you so desire to have. So what I ended up doing with my husband, I told him that I wanted to manipulate him. Sometimes it can be so powerful to seek out conversations and moments. What's the most uncomfortable? What's the most counter-intuitive? Where a part inside of you saying, “have you lost your mind?” 

What's funny about that was that my husband laughed when I said that to him and he said, “Really? Tell me more, how did you want to do that?” Of course, that opened up a plethora of communication that we would have never reached if he wouldn't be authentic and compassionate with each other. So leave me a comment below if you have experienced that as well, if it has fully helped you to communicate, or if you have any fears around communication, leave a comment below. 

6. Authenticity

You see, I remember a time when I came from Germany to the US and I had this opportunity to do voice enunciation classes. In other words, losing my German accent. So often in life, we do that, we have things that make us who we are and then we kinda shave that off. Right? We kind of just lose ourselves. So ask yourself right now, what is that for you, where do you take the edginess out of your authenticity, who you really are? 

There are many things that are very typical for our company, like really embracing who we are as a brand. Of course, with me being a woman, the other being the extension of that, and many things are inviting you to be playful, to be silly, to be goofy, to be any of those things. Like if you're naughty, by all means, go for it!  don't try to sound cool in your online dating profile, but instead, share a story that's very unique to you. Maybe a particular travel experience that you had, or maybe particular foods you ate. If you're a chef or whatever it is for you, that makes you, you allow the men to see you because it's so much easier for you to be seen. If you allow him to see you. 

what does a man look for in a woman

7. Being In Your Zone

Be on purpose. Why are you here on this planet? Be unapologetic about it! If this is what you’re passionate about, there's this life force energy that is flirting with your body when you do it. It doesn't matter what that purpose is – if you're a hairdresser or if you're a designer or if you run your own company or if you're a nurse, or if you're a mom, it doesn't matter. How are you doing it with passion? Is that your purpose? Does that make the biggest difference in your life? Are you expressing your unique values with that very thing that you're doing? 

So when I met my husband, I was on purpose. I was already helping single women to attract the right man for them and ironically, my husband was helping men to attract the right woman for them. So look at that. Like so specific, and of course, we then combined forces and were able to make a bigger difference on this planet. 

Most Attractive Qualities In A Woman Conclusion

So leave me a comment below if that resonates for you, if you feel you are on purpose or maybe what stops you from being on purpose, I'm looking forward to talking to you.

Antia & Brody Boyd
Antia & Brody Boyd

Husband and wife team Antia & Brody Boyd have been helping thousands of successful women all over the world for over 20 years combine to get a loving, long-term & committed relationship with a high-quality man fast without loneliness, frustration or rejection. They've also been featured expert speakers at Google, the Harvard University Faculty Club, ABC Radio & Good Morning San Diego.

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