Discover why men lose interest and why guys lose interest AFTER the chase in this new article! Knowing why he lost interest can often be challenging, but once you understand all the different ways why guys lose interest you can then AVOID them and have him chase you once again. Enjoy! 🥰

1. Ending The Call Last

Now, this is a favorite of mine because it reminds me of the time when I was giving all my power away, and what that looked like for me. I was spending every free minute I could on the phone with the guy I dated or I was interested in; it would be a race to see which battery ran out first – if it was my iPhone battery, I would get the home phone (back then we even had home phones, so I'm dating myself a little bit) but I never wanted to hang up first. However, in never being the last to hang up I was massively taken advantage of, I was not respecting myself, I wasn’t even getting enough sleep or properly taking care of myself! I was not coming back into my own energy versus being caught up in the other person's energy. 

Also, when you don’t end the call first, you’re giving your power away because you’re saying, “I don't feel comfortable ‘in my own world,’” Like the phone conversation I'm having right now has way more benefits than my own world. You're already off to the wrong horse race, so to say, when you're in that camp, because if you're already coming from a place of scarcity, and not abundance because there is sadness, disappointment and loneliness, then you can't fully and authentically feel you're empowerment. You'll always have to use the man to give you his power. 

why men lose interest

2. Not Reinforcing Your “No”

You have heard many times that it's all about really setting the boundaries and being clear on them, but what I want to talk about today is not reinforcing the boundary. So you may say, “yes, sorry, no,” or you may not be ready to progress to the next level of intimacy with them, but then you can't hold that boundary. You're saying it externally but it's not supported internally through your nervous system, through your visceral system, you don't have the stamina because it doesn't match your belief. 

After all, your belief may be that if you say no, then he's going to leave, or if you say no, then he's going to abandon you. So instead, when he questions it, “Are you sure, are you sure it's not a yes.” Then you are being influenced by his agenda and lose all the focus that you have on yourself, you lose all the self-conviction you had, the self-assertion, and you give all your power away. This and more we talk about all the time on my calls that you can potentially sign up for after taking my free Magnetize Your Man Quiz below!

3. Focusing Only On Him

I see this all the time, a woman goes on a date, and she just focuses on him, makes sure that he has a good time, makes sure that she says the right thing, that she doesn't interrupt him and so on. She also makes sure that she asks him a lot of questions so that he doesn't ask her a lot of questions, right, because it doesn't feel comfortable to have the attention on you. Now, of course, what happens is when you focus on him the whole time, he will either think that there's not much to you or it's superficial, or he feels he has to carry the whole conversation because you're not sharing anything. So it comes off a little bit guarded, you're protecting yourself, and you're holding back or potentially even hiding something. 

You also don't take breaths when you focus on him because you're out of your body, you don't feel your feet firmly rooted on the ground, and this is something that’s pretty important to know. This is how you give a lot of power away and when he feels like, “Oh, she's already celebrating me, I don't even have to do anything.” or “It's great, I just go the path of least resistance. I don't have to invest much into this relationship,” and those are the women that come to me all the time that don't feel honored, that don't feel respected. They're not hearing back from the man, the man doesn't honor his word after, the actions don't follow the words, and so on. 

why guys lose interest after the chase

4. Initiating Contact

How a relationship starts, that's how it continues. So, unless you want your relationship to be constantly about you having to reach out, and you having to take the first step, and you never in a million years feeling cherished or supported, or pursued. Like you're flourishing, blossoming, this flower when you're being pursued, which is just natural. You have already given all your power away. Man, the research shows that men are first when you initiate contact, however, 24 hours later, they will lose that attraction towards you, and they wonder why. 

Now part of the reason is that the man to approach you, has to work through something because he could get rejected, he has to overcome his anxiety. You guys, this is a thing. I learned this when I married my husband because he was working with men for 10 years, so I learned about approach anxiety. So for them to overcome their anxiety, they need a tremendous amount of momentum and conviction and also spirit. Like the masculine spirit inside of themselves to overcome that. That's why it's so important to allow them to initiate because what happens is it creates momentum. 

That momentum means he continues to pursue you, because of course, now he’s risked so much, now he's going to also want to reap the rewards, of course, he's not just going to ask you out once and then he's going to go home. If it took so much to overcome that anxiety for him, then, of course, he's going to continue pursuing you and he's not going to take the relationship for granted. We talk a lot about that in my free Magnetize Your Man Dating Support Facebook Group, so click the button below to join!

5. Laughing When It’s Not Funny

What happens here is when you laugh when it's not funny is you're feeling an emotion, you feel sadness, and then you laugh. So you're handing a man an emotional presumption that it's not safe to be with you emotionally because you are negating your own emotions. You also tremendously confuse this man as well because he may start thinking, “Oh my gosh, maybe I did something wrong,” so that can make him not going to reach out to you again. He's not going to reach out to you again because he's not going to trust you and he can't fully feel you. 

When you laugh when it's not funny like when you’re angry or frustrated or when there's something that you talked about that brings up a lot of sadness or grief, he feels that a little bit in his system, but it doesn't get confirmed through your body, through your emotions, right, there's going to be a disconnect. You're sending mixed signals and that leads to distrust, and then of course, also tells him not to pursue this woman any further. 

Why Do Men Lose Interest Conclusion

So I'd love to hear from you, comment below, what key helped you the most, and why, and of course, which ones are you ready to finally let go of? I look forward to reading your answers!

Antia Boyd
Antia Boyd

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