1. Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is the kind of energy that allows men to relax, feel nurtured, and supported. It is an energy of receptivity, intuition, and empathy. It encourages men to be open and vulnerable with their feelings, and enjoy their partner's feminine essence.

Psychologically, feminine energy is a reminder to men that they don't have to be responsible for everything. It gives men permission to let go of their need to be in control, to feel secure, and to enjoy. It also helps them to be more in touch with their emotions, and to be more open and honest with their partner.

3 Other Examples Could Be:

1. Expressing your emotions and creativity so he feels safe to do so as well.
2. Showing understanding and compassion when he shares his feelings.
3. Offering physical affection when he needs reassurance.

2. Respect

Respect is an integral part of a healthy relationship, as it enables both individuals to feel safe and secure and to trust each other. Respect means showing kindness and appreciation for your partner's unique qualities and characteristics, as well as recognizing their boundaries. Respect also means being mindful of how your words and actions affect your partner.

Psychologically, respect is a basic human need. We all want to be seen and valued as individuals for our unique traits and abilities. When we feel respected and appreciated, it creates a sense of safety and security in relationships.

3 Other Examples Could Be:

1. Being mindful of your partner’s feelings and taking the time to listen to them.
2. Acknowledging and appreciating your partner’s strengths and recognizing their accomplishments.
3. Showing your partner that you care about and value their opinions.

3. Time Alone

Men need time to be alone and reflect on their lives and thoughts. This time allows them to gain a sense of control and clarity in their lives and recharge their mental and emotional energy. It can also help them to feel more connected with themselves and their goals.

From a psychological perspective, this need for time alone is important for men as they often strive for autonomy and self-sufficiency. This time can also help them to differentiate between their own thoughts and feelings and those of others, enabling them to better regulate their emotions.

3 Other Examples Could Be:

1. Encouraging him to set aside a few hours each week to focus on personal projects.
2. Suggesting he take a day to go on a solo trip in nature to refresh himself.
3. Finding activities, hobbies and social groups you enjoy as well.

4. Emotional Support

We all need emotional support from time to time, but men often feel uncomfortable asking for it. They may be afraid of appearing weak or vulnerable, but emotional support is key for a healthy relationship. You can show emotional support by listening without judgment, expressing empathy, and offering comforting words.

Psychologically, men need to feel safe and secure in a relationship in order to open up and feel secure enough to ask for emotional support. When they know they can trust you, they will be more likely to open up and ask for the emotional support they need.

3 Other Examples Could Be:

1. Reassuring him that you are there for him when he is feeling overwhelmed.
2. Showing him understanding and compassion when he is having a difficult time.
3. Offering words of encouragement when he is feeling down.

5. Mental Connection

Mental connection is an intangible element of any relationship that cannot be underestimated. It's about having a deep understanding of each other, being able to communicate without words, and sharing an intense emotional bond. Mental connection helps to build trust, loyalty, and mutual respect, which are essential for a healthy relationship.

Psychologically speaking, mental connection reinforces a sense of safety, security, and belonging for both parties. It also provides an opportunity for emotional growth and shared experiences, which can deepen the bond between you.

3 Other Examples Could Be:

1. Sharing meaningful conversations and stories.
2. Participating in activities that create memories together.
3. Reading a book or watching a course or documentary together and discussing it after.

6. Quality Listening

Quality listening is a way for men to express their feelings and receive understanding from their partners. Men want to feel heard and appreciated when they open up and share their thoughts and feelings. They need to feel like their partner is genuinely interested in what they have to say and that they are being taken seriously.

From a psychological perspective, feeling heard and validated is a form of emotional nourishment. Men need to feel that they are being listened to with respect and understanding in order to feel emotionally safe and secure in the relationship.

3 Other Examples Could Be:

1. Listening without judgement or criticism.
2. Asking questions to clarify what he is saying.
3. Providing verbal and non-verbal cues that you are paying attention.

7. Trust & Loyalty

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Loyalty is the commitment to stay in it. Men want to know that they can trust their partners and that their partners are loyal and committed to them. They want to know that their partner will be there for them through thick and thin, even when times are tough and challenging.

On a psychological level, trust and loyalty provide a sense of security and belonging. Men want to feel that they belong to something, and when they have a partner they trust and are loyal to, they feel that sense of security, safety and belonging.

3 Other Examples Could Be:

1. Feeling secure that a partner will not betray them.
2. Knowing that a partner is reliable and dependable.
3. Knowing that a partner will be there for them in difficult times.

8. Compliments & Appreciation

Compliments and appreciation are two ways that men can feel respected and supported in a relationship. Men often feel the need to live up to certain expectations, and when they are appreciated and recognized for their efforts, it goes a long way in boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

Psychologically, compliments and appreciation can help to strengthen the bond between two people. It can make a man feel secure in the relationship, and it can make him feel like he is in a safe place to be open and vulnerable with his partner.

3 Other Examples Could Be:

1. Telling him how proud you are of him for something he has achieved.
2. Showing your appreciation for the small, thoughtful things he does.
3. Acknowledging his effort and hard work.

9. Physical Affection

Physical affection is a way to show love and appreciation without words. Men often feel uncomfortable asking for physical affection, but it's an important part of a healthy relationship. It can help create an intimate connection and provide comfort when things are tough.

A man's need for physical affection is rooted in his biology. It's a way to show safety and security in the relationship. It can also help him to feel more connected and appreciated by his partner.

3 Other Examples Could Be:

1. Holding hands
2. Sitting close together
3. Giving a hug or a massage

10. Quality Time

Quality time is about spending time together and doing activities that are meaningful and enjoyable for both of you. It is a way of showing your partner that you value them and recognize that they are important to you. It is also about creating shared experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

From a psychological perspective, quality time is a way of expressing love and affection and showing that you care. It can be a powerful tool for building trust and connection in a relationship.

3 Other Examples Could Be:

1. Going on a weekend getaway with your partner
2. Going on a romantic date, where you both make the effort to dress up
3. Setting aside an hour or two every week to just talk and connect

11. Space To Vent

Men desire a safe space to express their true feelings without fear of judgment or criticism. This allows them to open up and feel secure in their thoughts and emotions. It is important to give men space to share their worries, frustrations, and triumphs without fear of being judged or invalidated.

Psychologically speaking, this helps men to feel valued and seen in their relationships. It also allows them to develop a sense of trust and closeness with their partners. When men feel like they can be open and vulnerable, they are more likely to feel secure in their relationship.

3 Other Examples Could Be:

1. Encouraging him to tell you more about what may be bothering him.
2. Allowing them to have time to process their emotions without fear of criticism.
3. Encouraging them to talk openly about their thoughts and feelings without feeling ashamed.

12. An Occasional Back Rub

Men want to be touched and have physical affection, but they are often too proud to ask for it. An occasional back rub is a great way to show them your love and make them feel relaxed and special. It can also help release physical tension and promote a sense of emotional closeness.

3 Other Examples Could Be:

1. Holding hands while watching a movie
2. Giving a foot massage
3. Rubbing their shoulders while they are cooking dinner.

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