Do you know the signs he has strong feelings for you? A lot of guys shy away from being upfront showing they have strong feelings for someone. They are reluctant to simply clarify that they like you, or they feel an undeniable magnetic attraction and want to spend as much time with you as possible.

This article will provide five signs he has strong feelings for you, so that the next time your man is acting weirdly around you (or not acting at all), you can be on the safe side that there are really no ulterior motives going on.

1. He Is Vulnerable On All Levels

This is important to distinguish because often men can say a lot of things after a long day, they may even learn all kinds of pickup lines. When you're an attuned woman and you connect to yourself, you can feel when something isn’t quite aligned, or seems out of context or not genuine. What I'm talking about is when he's vulnerable on all levels.

For example, when I met my husband, he told me the first night we met that I'm the girl in his story. You could say that this was so vulnerable, but not necessarily, because for one it was a surprise to him a little bit and for two, we were just so cool, easy-going and had a slight avoidance of a secure attachment style. So we just hung out but I was also seeing other men. Now, two months later, he asked me, “who was that guy?” referring to this friend that picked me up last night and I told him that it was just a guy, then he asked if I stayed overnight at his place and asked all those inquisitive questions. So then I said, oh, you do know I'm dating other people, right? And he said, “no I don't and I don't want you to date other people.” 

So that was interesting because then his energy shifted and that's what I mean, he got vulnerable on all levels. Then the next day he came back and he said that he has feelings of love for me. So he looked into his heart, men are so so sweet and so genuine, now that was vulnerable on all levels because I could feel his body, I could hear it in his voice, I could feel it in his energy, and of course, I could hear it in his language in the words and the message that he was speaking. So that's one indication that he is starting to get really strong feelings for you.

Signs He has Strong Feelings for You

2. Introduces You To Friends And Family

So often, men are not introducing women to their friends and family if they're not that serious. So if you're in this camp where you feel like you’ve been dating a while and there’s been no advancement to meet friends or family, that's him not integrating you into those other areas of his life. As opposed to him calling his friends, being so excited because when he has strong feelings for you he feels proud of you and he wants to show you off, he wants to have his friend's opinion of you because that means a lot to him because he's serious. He should want to hear what his friends are thinking before he gets even more invested because he's already noticing that’s where things are headed. 

Of course, with the family when he's bringing you home that's him visualizing himself with you at not only this particular Thanksgiving dinner but all the other ones moving forward. So he is already playing that out in his mind as opposed to, for example, the guy I was dating when I was about 21, we will always just meet at his place or he was coming to me all the time. After a while, I was wondering why we're not hanging out in his hometown and why I was never introduced to anyone. You know why? Because he was probably dating other people and he might have even been afraid that maybe some friends of his that were female and were protective of me, would warn me not to fall too hard for this guy because he's not that serious. So that's an indication very clearly when he introduces you to friends and family, that he has strong feelings for you. 

3. Talks About Future And Follows Through

I have to make this very strong distinction because when we look at the dismissive-avoidant attachment style, they also talk about the future but there is no follow-through.  I get comments all the time, “yeah my boyfriend does that, but he's not available.” No, no, no, no. That’s the thing, the key here is follow-through. If he says, “oh, hey it would be so fun to go to the Caribbean with you,” and then he calls you a week later, to tell you he was able to find time for you to go away together, what do you think? When are you available? Or he may surprise you and just say “hey, just don't plan anything for this day or week, I'll pick you up from work, pack very lightly but bring a swimsuit.” There is follow-through, and that’s very important. 

Strong Feelings for Someone

4. He Wants To Make You Happy

He's asking you about your favorite color, your favorite restaurant, your favorite fill-in-the-blank. He wants to know more about you. He's willing to make compromises because nothing makes them happier than a big smile on your face. So you just have to see that when you are in a day-to-day experience with him is your happiness important to him? 

Now I'm not talking about the beta males or people-pleasers. With people-pleasers, well,  it's not authentic because they have an anxious attachment style. I mean in a balanced way. Does he have his life together but he also wants to make you happy? Does he have his values but also wants to make sure that he meets your values? Let's say you go to church, and he maybe goes to different types of the church or doesn’t go at all but he's like “hey, okay, let's check it out. I know it means so much to you.” 

So here's a great example of my husband and I. I don't like Mexican food but I know how happy it makes him, and I have no problem going with him but just eating something afterwards when we come home. We talk about the six archetypes in our training all the time and you can see I'm smiling so bright. So that's really what someone does when they're starting to have strong feelings or of course, when you continue to have strong feelings for you. They will make a sacrifice here or there compromise because I want to make you happy. 

5. He Wants To Be Exclusive And Committed

Now, this goes back to when my man after two months said, “Who was that guy? No, I don't want you to date anyone else.” So a man who has strong feelings for you will claim you, he will tell you. I need to make the distinction because so many women come to me and they say, when he finds out that I'm seeing other people, he's going to be turned off and he's not going to be interested anymore, but actually, that's not true. Especially not if you're attracting an alpha male which oftentimes my women want. They want somebody who has a healthy, aligned masculine energy inside of themselves who can support them, who can cherish them because those women are already successful. 

So it's not necessarily about more achievements but just about emotionally. Can this man emotionally support her? Can he claim her? Does he have that confidence? Of course, healthily. Does he want commitment? If he's one of those… I got to be honest with you, girlfriend, and I know I hear this all the time. If he dangled the carrot in front of your nose but now he's saying he needs to think about it, he needs to sleep on it, he needs to do whatever it is before he answers, he's not that into you. Like, he doesn't have that strong of feelings for you. Men will do things that seem almost irrational that will surprise themselves, that they can't even justify when they have strong feelings for you. So truly, truly trust that. 

Signs He Has Strong Feelings for You Conclusion 

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