How To Deal With Stonewalling & Stonewalling Emotional Abuse (5 Effective Strategies!)

HOW TO DEAL WITH STONEWALLING & STONEWALLING EMOTIONAL ABUSE (5 EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES!) Stonewalling psychology and stonewalling abuse psychology are key to knowing how to communicate with someone who shuts down. If you’ve struggled with experiencing contempt in relationships or feeling unimportant in a relationship, then knowing how to handle these negative communication styles when a man shuts down emotionally will be super valuable for you. Dismissive behavior in relationships can be especially challenging, and if you’ve experienced emotional disengagement or your partner shutting down emotionally, then this training will really help! ?
by Antia & Brody Boyd

Overcoming Contempt In A Relationship & Healing Contempt In Relationships (5 Secrets!)

OVERCOMING CONTEMPT IN A RELATIONSHIP & HEALING CONTEMPT IN RELATIONSHIPS (5 SECRETS!) ? Contempt in relationships can be one of the top signs that a relationship is heading to an end and if you’ve experienced contempt in a relationship or contempt in relationships that you may have with other romantic interests, friends or even family, then this training will really help you! Some say that familiarity breeds contempt in relationships, however there are SO many other ways that this is created and in this training, learn the 5 secret cures to eliminate it quickly. Enjoy! ?
by Antia Boyd

Stonewalling Psychology & Stonewalling Abuse – What Is Stonewalling?

STONEWALLING PSYCHOLOGY & STONEWALLING ABUSE - WHAT IS STONEWALLING? ? Knowing how to communicate with someone who shuts down can be a big key to stop feeling unimportant in a relationship. Contempt in relationships can also lead to stonewalling emotional abuse and is part of the negative communication styles. If you find yourself or your partner shutting down emotionally and are experiencing stonewalling in a relationship and feeling emotionally down because of it, then this training will really help you. Enjoy! ?
by Antia Boyd