What does a man want in a woman? Discover what guys want in a relationship and also what guys want FROM a relationship in this new article! Many women often wonder what guys really want and even the things guys want but won't ask for, which can be confusing. However, after realizing what guys look for in a girl it will get much easier to act on and understand what guys want in a new relationship and attract what YOU want also. Enjoy! ?

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In this article, you will discover five things that quality men secretly crave from women.

Hi, I'm Broderick Boyd and for over 16 years I've been helping single, successful men attract the right woman for them, so I have a unique perspective into how the male brain thinks. So in this article, we're going to go deeper into what quality men want, and how that's different from what you might call “average” guys, to make sure you're targeting the right demographic – quality men, high-value men. So let's go ahead and dive right in. 

5. Appreciation & Approval 

Quality number five is appreciation and approval. Quality men, well, most men in general but especially quality men, want to know that if they're in a relationship with a woman, that they're appreciated, that they're valued, that they're contributing something. See masculine quality men, they get their sense of value by contribution; how am I making the world a better place? How am I making the people around me better? They crave that sense of responsibility and ownership over their domain.

So you, as a woman that they're dating or seriously considering as being a mate – a long-term potential for them, you are someone that they're going to value the opinion of. Are you enjoying approving of them? And are you enjoying approving what they're doing for you? Whether that's approving and appreciating them for their craft, what they do for work, their career, their skill, their mastery, or whether that's appreciating them for their boyfriend skills, their husband skills, or their man skills. 

When they're with you, the things they might do to make you happy whether it's getting you gifts or giving you a massage, taking you on a trip, planning something, making you something, fixing something for you. They want to know that this is adding value to you. That they're able to make you happy and ideally, it's something that they can enjoy doing so it doesn't feel work, it doesn't feel a burden. 

You can let them know that they're doing those things by simply appreciating them and also approving of them, showing you approve them with simple sayings such as: “thank you” or “I appreciate you,” “I love it when you do this” or “it's so sexy when you do this” or “you are an awesome performer,” “you are awesome at financial planning.” whatever it is that makes them feel your approval, that you appreciate them for that and make sure it’s authentic. Find what you do appreciate and approve of about them and let them know so they can know they're on track.

4. Femininity

Quality number four is femininity. So a quality man tends to have a strong connection to their masculine center. They have a strong connection to that wild, strong, more dominant, more empowered part of themselves, that they can be a man who's a protector, a provider, and a master of his kingdom. He's got his life handled, he's able to pay the bills, he has his purpose, he's helping others and giving back. A masculine man like that, he's going to crave the opposite of that, which would be feminine energy. 

Feminine energy is not about things like work, responsibility, getting things done, mastering the domain, being responsible for things. Feminine energy is the opposite of masculine energy, so feminine energy is about the softer side of things. It's about the flow, the experience, the energetics. The type of energy that is receptive, kind, compassionate, loving, nurturing, and creative. The type of energy that’s like the weather and can change at any moment but it can be beautiful; there can be a storm but there could also be a beautiful rainbow, you know? 

That is that fundamental energy that a masculine man is looking for, that he craves within his partner because masculine-feminine polarity is the only thing that creates attraction, chemistry, passion long-term. So show him that you can provide those energies by just embracing your feminine side – it can be internal or external. External could be simple things growing your hair longer, letting it flow down more often, wearing dresses, just things that flow. You’re aiming for that flowing energy. You can show that in your actual appearance with the hair, with your clothes, with the dress or just put that extra level of detail into your appearance – the styling, the colors.

One powerful thing you can do is get your colors analyzed, do a color analysis so you know which colors match your essence and make you pop. Know whether you're a winter, spring, summer or autumn. That can be a powerful way to show that feminine energy with your physical appearance. This would also include things like your posture, your smile, your warmth, your open body language, your receptivity. The feminine is receiving pleasure. 

Think of yourself as a giant pleasure receptor, you're receiving pleasure from being around people, from the weather, the sun, smelling the flowers, seeing beautiful sites. That's a big part of the feminine energy. Again, you might need to be masculine at work but you can switch that when you're in the dating area of your life. 

Now, other things you can do internally is practice going with the flow more often, not having to have a plan for everything, not having it have to be a certain way, not having rigid rules about the way things are supposed to be when you're with a man, how you need to be. That is not the feminine energy, having that structured plan is masculine energy.

So it's about being in the moment, enjoying the moment, smiling, having fun, finding the pleasure in every conversation, and being a source where he can just feel he can relax, he can let his guard down as well and just be. With you, he doesn't have to be in work mode or responsibility mode all the time; he can enter that pleasure realm. 

3. Love & Compassion 

Quality number three is love and compassion. A quality man, he's craving that energy of love and compassion in his life because he can probably provide everything else in his life that he needs. So, that love and compassion is probably all he’s looking for and that's why he's open to now having a partnership. I know for myself, I was an avoidant man, I was emotionally unavailable for so long until I had a relationship that didn't work out. My heart broke, it started cracking open, and I started tapping more into my vulnerability. The part of me that wanted to express myself and be seen for who I was and that's when I started to crave that compassion and love more, I was seeking something deeper with a woman. 

When you’re with a guy, it’s about looking towards that little boy inside him; how can you see that little boy inside of him and have compassion for that little boy because every man, no matter how strong and no matter how accomplished, still has a little boy inside that's probably needing some level of approval, nurturing and love. When you can feed into that little part inside of him and have a level of compassion towards that, you can start to melt even a very, let's say emotionless type of man. You can melt that and start to make him open up and be more emotional, be more vulnerable with you and feel safe with you because that's really what's happening in those moments is him feeling safe to express all of himself. He’s seeing that he doesn’t have to be strong all the time, he doesn’t need to constantly impress you. 

So that love and compassion, it's a warmth that you envelop him in that he just feels he never wants to leave. The ancient story of Odysseus, and when Odysseus came to this island, there was a witch there who fed them food and made the time pass very quickly. They didn't realize it, but she had enveloped them, Odysseus and his men, in this warmth, this little bubble of pleasure and they spent, you know, what seemed to them a week ended up being five years because it was so enjoyable. That's the power of that feminine warmth and compassion. 

2. True Partnership

Quality number two is a true partnership. A quality man is looking for something deeper, he doesn't just want to play the field anymore. He doesn't want to just sleep around or be single for the rest of his life. In the Bible, they said, man is not meant to be alone, that's why God gave Adam Eve. No man is meant to be alone and I think quality men start to come to this place where they realize that they're not meant to be alone. So they start seeking that deeper level of partnership and commitment. So, what you can provide for a man is a partner. 

How would you act if you knew you were on the same team as a man if you knew that he was looking for somebody to do life with? I know for myself, when I was first dating, I had my relationship that went bad and then I started doing a lot of work on myself. I worked with my dating coach, started figuring things out, and I started dating a lot of women. I did that for a while and I learned a lot about what I wanted, what I didn't want, and then eventually I started realizing, this isn't doing it for me anymore. I want something deeper, I want somebody in my life that we can build something and leave a legacy.

I think that's the other big thing about what quality men want is they want to leave a legacy. They want to make a difference on this planet, they want to have a family, they want to accomplish bigger things. The best way to do that is to have a queen by his side in his kingdom, and to create and to build. That king-queen relationship is so key, it can free a man to reach his full potential – the most successful men in history, they all were married men, you know. Almost 99% of them, 95% plus of them were married men, and there is a reason for that. 

Some of the most successful women and men, they're in partnership because that's where they can evolve into their highest level of themselves, Antia and I call it power couples.

Some ways you can embody this is to start thinking in terms of what would make you the queen that this man wants? What things do you want to accomplish? What legacy do you want to leave? What do you want your family to look like? Be committed and clear on that. And make sure you’re a team player, that you want to be a partner. 

What is a partner? A partner is somebody really good at communication, managing expectations, doing what they're saying they're going to do, being honest, being trustworthy, being loyal, having integrity. These are the traits of a partner. So you might have sexiness, beauty, they’re fun, they have entertainment value. But if a man doesn't see that she has partnership values, he's only going to see her as a short-term girl. So ideally you want both. If you can combine both, that's even more powerful. If you can have that sexy, fun, flirty, feminine, playful part of you and bring that queen energy that's going to be truly compelling to a quality man because then he's able to get that whole package. 

1. Legacy & Purpose

This brings me to quality number one, which is legacy and purpose. I already mentioned this a little bit in the last one. So, once you find a quality man and you're in a partnership, you keep the relationship growing and developing by focusing and manifesting that legacy and that purpose together. There's that old saying if it's not growing, it's dying. If a relationship isn't growing, it's dying. It’s about growth. That's how you maintain a healthy, passionate, powerful, thriving relationship.

So, looking at the ways that you guys can grow together, starts by actually having a plan. Once you do attract your man, what things do you want to accomplish together? What do you want to create? How do you want to grow within the relationship? How do you want both of you to grow within the relationship? You can look at mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or even sexually. What areas do you want to explore? Thinking about your ideal family, how you want to be in relation to your family if you want to have kids together how you might combine families if you're doing that, or how you would integrate your relationship in with your career, how those would merge maybe with his career, what would be the vision for that? Where are you guys traveling? What vacations are you going on to? And then ultimately, what's the bigger purpose? What's the ultimate vision for your relationship in the world as a power couple? To be that shining light to other couples perhaps, to inspire them to see what's possible? How do you want your relationship to be a gift to the world? What can you guys do to change the world together? Maybe you guys create a business together. Maybe you guys start an organization together and contribute in some way. 

So having a vision for that is going to be powerful because again, a quality man is going to see that, feel that from you, and he's going to say, wow, this is a woman I could do life with, this is a woman I could see creating something beautiful together. When you embody these traits, you're also going to be more likely to attract a quality man into your life because he's going to sense that vibration from you. He's going to sense that energy whether it's online or offline. Now, practice these things and start being that perfect wife or partner right now, and now he's going to be natural a fit for you. The universe is going to see that God is going to see that fit, and he's going to start putting those two things together. Again, a man was not meant to be alone. Put them together and fit them into a powerful partnership that will change the world for the better. 


Those were the five qualities that quality men crave, I hope this was helpful for you. Go ahead and comment and subscribe. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these and also for future articles coming up!

Antia & Brody Boyd
Antia & Brody Boyd

Husband and wife team Antia & Brody Boyd have been helping thousands of successful women all over the world for over 20 years combine to get a loving, long-term & committed relationship with a high-quality man fast without loneliness, frustration or rejection. They've also been featured expert speakers at Google, the Harvard University Faculty Club, ABC Radio & Good Morning San Diego.

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