HOW TO STAY STRONG WHEN ENDING A RELATIONSHIP (5 SECRETS!) ?‍♀️ Ending a relationship with someone you love can be tough, and knowing what to say when ending a relationship can be key to make sure it goes smoothly and without too much collateral damage. Ending a relationship on good terms can be very important, especially challenging also when you may be ending a relationship with a liar. It’s often very easy to feel guilt over ending a relationship and that’s why it’s so key to have the right ending a relationship advice. Ending relationships and ending a relationship with a narcissist can be a highly EMOTIONAL process, so knowing these 5 secret strategies will help you out immensely! ?

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Hi, would you like to discover the top five secrets on how to stay strong after ending a relationship

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I know ending a relationship is never fun. So here are five tips on how to stay strong. 

1. Release him Fully.

Tip number one, release him fully. So what do I mean by that? Often when we're actually at the end of a relationship, we're working on just convincing ourselves to let him go, on the mental level, but maybe not necessarily on the emotional level, on the energetic level. So I highly recommend being honest with yourself and releasing him to his highest, highest potential. Now, why do you want to do that? 

For one, you want to send him where you want him to be. Like his worst life, I wish him all the worst things that could have happened to him, because he's screwed up the relationship. However, focusing more on the positive aspects of him, because every person has them, and you release him to his highest potential, that then allows you to also find your own highest potential. It's this idea of you're not swallowing the poison. 

So instead of being mean, imagine putting him into a balloon of your favorite color. I used to do this all the time because I got attached to men so quickly, and I would just release him to his highest potential. So here's what you do, you put him in a balloon that’s your favorite color, and then you watch the size of him decrease. This does a couple of things, for one, it helps you with the nervous system to get used to it. You're releasing him. You're letting him go. But also unconsciously, when a picture gets smaller and smaller and smaller, it becomes less associated. So you want to disassociate from the man that you're ending the relationship with. So this is how you can do that. Then of course, when you're ready, you not releasing the string, but completely letting it go, until you finally just see it a blip on the horizon. Maybe just as small as a bird. Do that several times throughout the week in the beginning stages and it helps you to release him fully. 

2. Remind Yourself Why the Relationship Did Not Work.

Tip number two is to remind yourself why the relationship did not work. Now research shows that we delete, distort and generalize reality based on our unconscious beliefs, based on our unconscious expectations. So you have to be aware of that bias because you will be leaning more towards reminding yourself of all those wonderful experiences and why he's so amazing. And you forget all the things that didn't work, all the fights, all the arguments, how you gave all your power away and forgot who you are or how you didn't have the freedom to go out with your girlfriends, how you felt guilt-tripped the whole time. 

So I'm not saying that you should remember just the negative things and not forgive him at all, but there has to be a balance and you have to see that things did not work because that will ultimately help you to disconnect and eventually also get ready for that new partner. 

3. Please Reach Out For Support.

Tip number three, please reach out for support. You notice there's one saying, you don't have to do this yourself. You don't have to suffer alone. You don't have to dwell in your own stories over and over again. Instead, be smart, reach out to friends who can give you a new perspective, who can help you to have a change in mental state, and can help you to acknowledge your authentic emotions. 

Then of course you want to metabolize and digest accordingly. I'm not talking about the quick-moving on here. Of course, you want to grieve about what was not right in the relationship and the part that has to die inside of yourself for you to fully move on. So whether that's a support group, whether that's a good friend, whether that's a group that you are a part of, maybe it's sports, but it's just that you need to reach out for support because we so often think you have to do this by ourselves and get stuck in our tracks and it's not helping you. 

4. Ignore Bad Relationship Advice.

Which leads me to tip number four. Ignore bad relationship advice. Now, it's really interesting, that you can easily get so much advice because there are so many experts out there. But it's really about understanding the advice that you need right now, and acknowledging your emotions fully. There's a little girl inside of yourself; a young part, it's an energy. She had hopes for the relationship, she got attached to him, how is this all going to work out? That’s all part of your grieving. She is sad, she is disappointed, she is in despair. 

So it's really important to tend to her to say yes to your emotions, to say yes to your pain, to say yes to the grieving, to fully feeling all of that because that grief is also softening you and opening you up to a new possibility. Opening you up to a new relationship eventually versus listening to past relationships and hardening, and building resentment to what's meant for you and becoming condescending to what's meant for you, no, that's not what you want to do. You want to see the real authentic process here that helps me to soften, because when I soften when my heart breaks, it breaks open to myself, it breaks open to receive even more love. So how can I facilitate that for myself or reach out for support to an expert that I truly trust that can help me to facilitate this heart-opening and also heart mending and heart-healing process? 

5. Focus On Yourself

Which leads me to tip number five, which is focused on yourself. In the relationship, most likely there have been some codependent patterns, narcissism, people pleaser patterns. some pattern where you gave more to your relationship than to yourself. How do you know you were doing that? Well, because the relationship is ending- It was not authentic, not in alignment, not in harmony. It was not authentic how you were living in that relationship; you were not happy, you were not fulfilled. Even if he was the one that left the relationship, there's no way that you felt fulfilled because you could feel how he was pulling back, you could feel how he was unavailable, how you were yearning for more, how you were reaching for more, how you were hoping for more. 

Now, the invitation is to bring all that energy back to yourself. Another exercise you can do is visualize how you have all those anchors inside of him and actually unanchor that and bring it back to yourself.  It's almost a sextant, a vacuum. So bringing the energy, the mental energy that you've given him, the emotional energy you've given him and of course, the physical, the sexual aspect that you've given him, bring it all back to yourself unanchor it and own it for yourself again, coming into your true, authentic self-expression. 


So those are the five tips on how to stay strong after ending a relationship. I want to hear from you, the question of the day is, how do you stay strong or how did you stay strong after ending a relationship? What other tools and tips do you have for all the amazing other women who are reading this article as well? 

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