LIVING WITH REACTIVE ATTACHMENT DISORDER IN ADULTHOOD TREATMENT (5 SECRETS!) ? If you've been looking for reactive attachment disorder treatment and want to see an example of that, check out these new secrets for treating reactive attachment disorder! After you know the symptoms of reactive attachment disorder and know what is reactive attachment disorder, the next steps are curing it and healing it inside of yourself so that you can live a happy life and have happy RELATIONSHIPS more importantly as well. Enjoy! ?

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Would you like to discover five secrets for living with reactive attachment disorder in adulthood? Hi, I'm Antia Boyd, founder and creator of the Magnetize The Man method. And look if you are new here to my channel, don't forget to click that bell right below, so you get updates for more juicy videos coming your way to help you to attract the man of your dreams. So look, it's really interesting to have reactive attachment disorder because there's this pendulum swing, right? It can go really extreme. So, let me tell you the five secrets for living with reaction attachment disorder.

#1 – Embrace Your Intensity

Secret number one is embrace your intensity. Now, what happens so often and I feel this all the time is that when you have reactive attachment disorder, there's a lot of heat that moves through your system all the time. There's a lot of intensity inside of your system. It feels like if the volcano wants to erupt, right? There's a lot of force. So, the worst thing you can do is fight against that, right? The worst thing you can do is make it wrong. Or if you're a partner of someone who has reactive attachment disorder, right? Even more, so don't judge that person. Instead, make sure you embrace your intensity, you celebrate it, you are loved you proud. And you are really owning your own body, right? It's yours versus just something that happens to you. Because what happens is when you own and embrace your inner intensity inside of yourself, actually then when it's being expressed is going to be much more aligned and much more connected to your body, than if you were not to embrace it, and if you were to judge it.

#2 – Lean Into Feeling Powerless

Secret number two, lean into feeling powerless. Yes, you heard that right. Because when we're looking at reactive attachment disorder, this is only what it already says, the reactive emotion. Now, what we want to be much more curious about is what is the authentic emotion that felt sense underneath. Because look, if we're really addressing that, that is actually the root cause. Now, we can actually do deeper work and transformation. So, now what does it take though to lean into feeling powerless? I mean, as much as easier said than done, obviously. And what you need to know about us is that being powerless can be a really wonderful thing. Giving a power, not having to hold it all together. All the time allowing yourself to actually fall apart, allowing yourself to even feel the anguish and the panic inside of your system. Because it's something really powerful that happens when you feel an emotion at its essence, not like the reactive emotion on top of it. But really, that sort of survival panic, right? Because what you can do for one, the survivor panic is actually extremely rich, it's extremely potent and you can create a lot of momentum from that place. Because there's nothing on top of it that's not distorted, right? It's pure, that's the best way I can describe it. It's pure, when something is pure, right? It's incredibly powerful. It's incredibly potent. So, keep that in mind as well.

#3 – Learn Trust To Yourself

Secret number three is learn to trust yourself. Now, what happens when you have reactive attachment disorder is because you're swinging so much from back and forth, what ends up happening is you lose a lot of trust towards yourself, you also lose a lot of trust towards other people, because remember, they are judging you, right? So, you're looking constantly, you want to please them, you want to piece them. You wanna feel in alignment with that. And you want to make sure that it's authentic, right? Because we're starting to trust ourselves, when we know we're expressing something authentically. But it's not fake, that it's not a mask, that it's not a lie, that is not a pretense, but it is who we really are. Now, how do you learn to trust yourself? Well, for one, I actually have a video on that that you can find right on my channel. But secondly, it's really about thinking well. How can you actually will establish trust towards yourself. Look, we have you lied to yourself, even if it's wild lies, have you said, I'm going to the gym next week? But you didn't do it? You know, I'm going to like do this this year, but it didn't happen. Or have you lied? wide lies to other people, to your friends, right? Have you maybe arrived late to a party to a gathering, to a business event, and you said, well, there was so much traffic, but in reality, yes, that may be true, but you also left the house later, right? So, there's all this like little ways, how we are lying to ourselves, our little wide lies, they're quite sneaky, and they really eat on our trust bank account. Now also, what really establishes trust to yourself and in between people setting boundaries. Saying no, way ahead of time, communicating way ahead of time, when something starts to feel again, I have a whole video on boundaries, when something starts to feel uncomfortable, and how that would look like would really say, you know, I feel there's something different inside of my body. The response inside of me is a little. I don't know yet, there's something I don't agree with, let me sit with that. Even if you just let the person know that there's something inside of you, even if you don't know exactly what it is. Let them know ahead of time. It builds a lot of trust. I trust people so much more. And you will trust yourself so much more. Because what you think, what you say, and what you do is actually in alignment.

#4 – Resonance Vs Resistance

Secret number four is resonance over resistance. Now, this goes a little bit back to the idea I talked about before, which is like really making sure you're not coming from any place of resistance. The more you resist, the more the reactive attachment disorder strike fence, why? Because remember, this is a protective mechanism inside of itself. It's your protector, it's your manager. It wants to keep you safe. So, when you resist more things, right? Like the protector is gonna come online. However, when you look at what resonance is inside of yourself, right? Is the resonance of what you say, the resonance, how you speak to people, what kind of people you surround yourself with, what kind of men you allow into your life. Do you feel this resonance? Is there an ease? Is there a flow or is there a resistance? Now, you can also see inside of yourself, like going more with what has more resonance? You know, I'm sure you notice feeling when you drive down the street, and you have all green lights, that's resonance, or when all of a sudden a friend calls you out of the blue, or a man that you've been wanting to connect with for a long while, and he finally likes and comments even on one of your Facebook posts, for example, right? That is resonance, there's alignment there. It's almost a sense of synchronicity, right? And that's what we're looking for here versus resistance. Things are hard, that feel like a struggle, you have to overcome so much, you use too much force, then, like the reactive attachment, disorder, strength is even more right because it's like even more ah, life is hard, I have to fight against it. Life is against me, versus actually knowing that's what life is for you.

#5 – Heal Childhood Wounds

And finally secret number five, which is to heal your childhood wounds. Now, there is many others those that you can uncover. Like there's a lot of studies around that, Wilhelm Reich looked at the five character structures, and we really see the right to exist in this world, the right to get your needs met the right to speak up and so on. There's so many different ways how you actually have to see when was that interfered with in your own childhood, right? Did your parents come in and say, No, you can't set your own boundaries, maybe hearted narcissistic parents like me, where you didn't have the right to separate, right? You couldn't distinguish yourself from your parent, because they said, my daughter, my daughter did this, oh, this is my my daughter. Of course, this is why she accomplished this, right? So, there's always a sense like, I don't have my own ownership. I don't have my own sovereignty. So, that can be really frustrating. It can also be that you really had to learn to follow rules and regulations. And distance yourself even more from your gut, from your core instinct, from your intuition, from your internal voice. Maybe you didn't have a right to be in the first place. Maybe that's fake. Maybe you had a birth trauma. So look, there's many different ways that you wanna look at when you're looking at healing your childhood wounds, and understanding what particular childhood wound was for you really getting in the way of really attracting the right man for you. And then instead, you actually started to develop that reactive attachment disorder. So, those are the five secrets for today.


The question of the day, of course, is which of those five secrets Do you resonate the most with and help you the most? If you have a reactive attachment style pattern? Or if you have a partner who has that? Which one do you think is gonna help your partner the most. So, let me know in the comment section. I'm always enjoying, conversing with you so, leave your comments right below this video. And if you want to learn more about yourself and what gets you in the way of attracting the right man for you, I invite you to come on to the Magnetize Your Man quiz while we get crystal clear for you what's getting in the way? What's your archetype inside of yourself that you're expressing regularly and which ones are more suppressed. And then in response, what kind of archetypes to attracting in men and which ones you never see the daylight off. So, for that hop on over to That's what it quizzes like, ladies, it was so amazing to connect with you today. I hope you'll learn a lot. Apply the tools and transform your life. Much love to you and I will talk to you very soon. Take care, bye bye.

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