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In this article, you will discover the five secret signs that he is not into you. 

Hi, I'm Antia Boyd, founder and creator of the Magnetize Your Man method. Don't forget to stay to the very end because we have some special bonus gifts for you that will help you out a ton with this issue. 

5. He Doesn’t Make Any Plans For The Future

Sign number five that he's just not into you is he doesn't make any plans for the future. So you may notice that it may feel a little bit you're floating in this in-between space. You're going on dates, and you're having a good time, but you feel there's not this stability, this safe space, there's no life being created together. It feels like a moment-to-moment situationship, so to speak. 

I’ve had this experience many, many times, where I felt like, “Hmm, this is interesting. Christmas is around the corner, and there's no word about that.” Or, “New Year's Eve is around the corner, and there's no word about that.” And I kept myself wondering, “Okay, but what's going on, are we just taking one date at a time? Is he not sure?” You may also feel a little bit anxious. There's a lot of questions, a lot of open loops. When you feel those open loops, there is a chance that he could just not be into you. 

So, it's really important to notice that, for sure. When you notice that, two different things can happen – either it can be that he just takes it one date at a time because he's not sure, or that he is taking it one date at a time because he's healing his attachment style (but this is uncommon). For instance, if he's an anxious attachment style and he's recovering from that, he would take it one date at a time, so he doesn't future-pace himself. However, this is highly unlikely. So it’s just very possible that he is not into you. 

4. He Only Wants To Hang Out During The Week Or Evenings

Sign number four that he's not into you is he just wants to hang out with you during the week, or maybe just the evenings and never on the weekend evenings. In this case, those weekend evenings are going to be reserved for someone else. I hear this story from my clients quite a bit, so you’re going to want to pay attention to that. Don't listen to the excuses that he gives you like that’s his time with his kids or it’s work-related, which may be the case, but there are also opportunities to change something around. So be aware. 

Are you getting prime time? Are you getting the queen time, which is the Friday nights, Saturday mornings, Saturday night, Sundays, whole days and evenings? Are you getting that time, or are you always going to be fit into a Thursday night, maybe even a later night, almost like he had dinner with someone else. Do you just randomly hear from him on Tuesday? It's always during the week, and on the weekends he’s completely M.I.A, you don’t hear from him at all; It's as if he drops off the Earth. Chances are, he's not that into you. 

3. If He Uses Social Media, He Doesn’t Engage With Any Of Your Posts

Sign number three that he's not into you is, if he does use social media, he doesn't engage with any of your posts or your content. Now, I want to say, make sure that he does actually use social media. He posts new photos of himself, maybe even updates his profile, comments on his friends' stuff. If he’s active on social media but you're being ignored, he’s not acknowledging any of the posts you made in the last day or two and he's liking stuff and commenting on other people, and you just don't seem to get that same attention from him. Well, this is time for a breakup because it's broken, and he's just not into you. He is looking at other women and other opportunities to get distracted, and his attention and his energy are not with you, this is very important. 

2. He Doesn’t Talk About You To His Friends Or Family

Sign number two that he's just not that into you is he simply doesn't talk with his friends or his family about you. This is something that happened to me personally when I was dating a guy, years ago. I realized that I was never getting introduced to his friends. Do you notice that you're this best-kept secret, that you always hang out at home, or you go to areas where you never run into anyone he knows? If you don't know who his family is, and you've been seeing each other for quite a while, well, there's a high chance that he's not that into you. That was true with the guy that I was dating. His friends didn't know that I existed, and there was always this separation. It was almost as though he’d ask me to go home right when he was about to hang out with his friends or he’d say “my friends are coming over,” and I had to leave before they got there. That’s really uncomfortable and somewhere inside of myself, I knew that he's just not that into me. So, it's really important to read those signs. 

Another important thing is don't buy into his excuses, because you may question him, and you may be upfront with him and tell him that you don’t know anybody in his family or any of his friends and he would just respond, “Oh, I'm just busy, and I just want to make sure,” whatever. So they come up with all those excuses. Make sure that you don't buy into those excuses because, for every excuse, I can show you the opposite example, how he treated someone else in the exact opposite way. What we have seen, and my husband has worked with men for 10 years, is that the same men will treat each woman differently. This will depend on how she shows up. More on that in my next article. 

1. Only Texts You But Never Calls

Finally, sign number one that he's just not that into you is he never calls, he only texts. Okay, so, I'm pretty adamant about that. I know some people will not agree, but I am adamant that when the man is interested in you, he calls you, he wants to hear your voice. He wants to find out as much as he can. He wants to be energetically and emotionally as close as he possibly can. However, when he only texts, it's because he could keep doing other things, he could stay distracted. Without having to leave, without having to be inconvenienced in a way, but when a man is interested in you, he doesn't care about any of that. He wants to hear your voice, even if it's for five minutes, even if he's on the golf course. And he will tell you, “I just wanted to call you. I just wanted to hear, I just wanted to tell you I'm thinking about you.” So he'll call no matter what, even if he's busy, he will find a moment in between meetings. 

So, don't buy into the cycle that we’re in a texting era, and whatever. No, because especially in a texting era, you can always also escalate your text messages to a voice message. So again, making sure that he wants to hear your voice. He is calling you, he wants to have a conversation with you. He's not just texting you. Now, the only exception here is, and that was true with my husband and me, we didn’t talk on the phone. However, he asked me out regularly. So he was texting, and then there was a very quick call, just about where we were going to meet, and when, just logistics. But then we would spend hours and hours together on dates, several times a week. So, you must look at the context as well. 


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