This isn't another article about whether he likes me or not. Its about answering the question “Is He thinking about me right now?”. There are some tell-tale signs that I go to when I need to know if a guy is thinking of me.  

This list of five clear indicators will help clarify a guy's true intentions and make it easier to find out if he's actually thinking of her as more than just a friend or acquaintance.

1. He Is Vulnerable With You

I remember when I met my husband, Brody, he immediately shared things with me, it was really important to him. He was vulnerable. He was opening up emotionally and part of it is because he was thinking about me. When he shares vulnerability with you, that's a sign that he wants to connect with you. Also, he overcomes this threshold, because for a man normally, it doesn't necessarily feel safe to be vulnerable. As you may or may not know, men are usually showing more to friendships through competitions and fighting with each other. So by being vulnerable, he's doing something different and the only reason why he would do that is that he is truly interested in you. 

Thinking of me

2. He Likes Your Posts on Social Media

First and foremost, for him to post, he needs to follow you and to follow you, he needs to care enough. You see, we have the attention span of a hamster during these stages. So in a couple of seconds max, we are consuming more than creating for the first time in history. So if he likes your posts, if he cares enough to invest his valuable time and energy to follow you, then he's doing that for a very particular reason. 

In my past, when men were interested in me, they were following me on social media, they were commenting or liking or sharing or whatever the case may be. Again, the same reason he wants to connect with you more, to know more about you. How does he do that? By following you on social media.

3. He Surprises You

Now, why does he surprise you? Because he wants to make you happy. There's nothing more amazing than putting the biggest smile on your face. We have friends who just got engaged the other day and he went above and beyond for the proposal, even flew in her family as a surprise. Why? Because he wanted to see that huge smile, that “What!” in her face. He wanted to see it. He wants to experience it. He wants to feel her joy and he wants to feel he's the man. He's her hero. He made all of that happen.

Is He Thinking About Me Right Now

4. He tells His Family and Friends

He tells his family and friends. Now, we know that most men don't just bring girls home to their parents because the parents have a lot of opinions and the parents are going to keep him accountable, his friends may keep him accountable too. So he only tells his family and friends if he cares and when he's proud to have this woman in his life, which is, of course, a pure indication that he is interested in you, that he is thinking about you, that he wants to have his world become your world and you will become his world. That of course happens by him sharing it with his closest loved ones, why? They can help him to magnify his joy and his passion for you and his investment and interest in you.

5. He Remembers Details

Men are not necessarily detail-focused. They focus much more on the bigger picture, and why is that? Well, think about it from an evolutionary standpoint. When the men went out hunting, it's not very useful to see all the details, they just need to know “Where is the animal?” And “Let's shoot it.” Versus women had to distinguish which berry? What size of the berry? What color of the berry? It's poisonous? 

So when he remembers specific details, that is a huge deal. That means that he is thinking about you, that he is invested in you, that he is listening, which is another big deal, that he's actively listening when you share something. Why would he do that? Because he truly wants to know about you. He wants to know everything about you so he knows how to make you happy. 

Is He Thinking About Me Right Now – Conclusion

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Antia & Brody Boyd
Antia & Brody Boyd

Husband and wife team Antia & Brody Boyd have been helping thousands of successful women all over the world for over 20 years combine to get a loving, long-term & committed relationship with a high-quality man fast without loneliness, frustration or rejection. They've also been featured expert speakers at Google, the Harvard University Faculty Club, ABC Radio & Good Morning San Diego.

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