WHY DO GUYS TEST BOUNDARIES & WHY DO MEN TEST WOMEN? (5 SHOCKING REASONS!) 😮 Is he testing me or not interested? Is he testing me by not calling? Do men test women? These are just some of the questions that SO many women wonder about how men test you and the multiple different ways guys test you as well. If you’d like to discover how guys test a girl and the surprising strategies of how men test women then this training will really help you to understand men and how men think so much more. Enjoy! 🥰

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Would you like to discover why guys cast boundaries and why men test women? Hi, I’m Antia Boyd, founder and creator of the “Magnetize Your Man Method”. And if you are new to my blog, don’t forget to subscribe by clicking that subscribe button below, so you get notified for the next juicy article coming your way that helps you to finally attract that right man for you. 

5. He Wants To Find Out If You’re “Short Term” Girl Or “Long Term” Girl

Reason number five why guys test boundaries is because he wants to find out if you’re a short term girl or if you are a long term girl. Oftentimes women are so willing to just do whatever it takes to be with a guy, to give all that power away, to give all their sense of self-worth and confidence away as well. And also they really present themselves as more on the surface. So men actually test that and see how deep is this woman. How much does she actually have long term potential? How compatible is she of actually being with me long term versus short term? 

Or does she hook up with men all the time and it doesn’t take anything to conquer her, to claim her, she’s too easy. So they’re definitely looking for that and trying to make sure you are checking those boxes in that moment. Because what you really want to do is make sure that he sees you as the long-term girl that has substance. That has capacity. That has also different parts of her showing yourself in different ways versus just one dimension. 

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4. He Wants To See How He Should Behave Around You

Reason number four, why guys test boundaries is because he wants to see how you behave around him and how he should behave around you. Yes, he actually wants to see, are you explosive? Do you withdraw? Do you become passive aggressive? Like how are you handling conflict? How are you handling tension? How do you handle the unknown, the uncertainty? 

For example, he could take you on a road trip to find out how you handle something, when something breaks down. Not that he does that on purpose, but usually things happen when you go on a road trip that are a little bit more unpredictable. We just had friends who’s van broke down halfway through their trip, so also being aware of that as well. Or maybe you get lost, maybe all of the sudden the Google maps is not working anymore. Like now what, how are you responding? Do you trust him? 

So he wants to see how he should behave around you and also how you respond to things like that. So he can see, can I be myself around her or do I need to basically walk on eggshells all the time and do I need to be apologetic? Do I need to be careful and mindful all the time? Can I also be expressive? Because remember, all of us have these different archetypes inside of ourselves. So he’s also going to see how free he is to express all of his archetypes in your presence. 

3. He Wants To Find Out How Valuable You Are

Reason number three why guys test boundaries is he wants to find out how valuable you are. Again, we go back to how much do you honor yourself? How much do you treasure yourself? Are you going to set boundaries? Like when he pushes through, are you going to put him in this place? Are you holding your own in the relationship? And also do you challenge him? Because I know this is contrary to popular belief here, but men are actually quite sensitive and they can sense when you actually don’t do something when something is just not right. And they can also then see if you are speaking to that.

Look, when he knows he takes that last cookie out of the cookie jar. Like he knows he should be called out on that. So if you value yourself, you should set the boundaries. So he learns that he can ultimately trust you. And not that you’re never going to say anything and you’re never going to rock the boat. And you’re afraid of conflict and confrontation. That’s when he will then NOT trust you because he actually knows, he can get away with whatever he wants.

And that ultimately means that he loses respect for you. So what you want to do in those moments, when he tests how valuable you are, treat yourself like a queen, treat yourself how you would treat your own best friend. What would you advise your own best friend to do or say, when a man is clearly overstepping the boundaries, he’s clearly testing you. He’s clearly asking you to come halfway to drive more towards him, so he doesn’t have to make the effort in all of those small ways to see how willing you are to bend. What would you tell your girlfriend if that were to happen? That’s how you want to treat yourself. 

2. He Wants To Find Out How Confident You Are

Which then leads me to reason number two, he wants to find out how confident you are. Yeah, that’s true. He wants to see how many curve balls I can throw at her, and how much she is holding her own. This goes along really also with how valuable you are. And so he’ll come in many different ways where he really wants to see your confidence. He wants to see if you can handle a lot of different situations and you trust yourself that you can handle them. 

So he also wants to see how much you trust yourself that you can handle yourself. Versus actually collapsing and not knowing what to do, going into helplessness, going into powerlessness. And I don’t mean the healthy part, the surrender part, but I mean the dependent part of it. Where you are almost resentful towards the masculine, because they were not taking care of yourself, which also he is looking for as well how confident you are in your feminine. That means how confident you really are in between space. 

For example, when we flirt, we show confidence because flirting, it’s teasing and takes away a little bit of being with that tension, being with an unknown, not necessarily answering the question right away. Not necessarily getting to the outcome right away. Not necessarily creating that certainty, that closes that open loop. But yet how willing are you actually and able to be in that open loop and literally have fun with it, explore it, experiment in that versus having to zone in and get the answers right away. Because then he’ll see, Oh, okay, so she needs outside approval. She doesn’t approve of herself. 

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1. He Wants To See What He Can Get Away With

And lastly, reason number one, why guy’s test boundaries is he wants to see what he can get away with. Like I told you before they know that they shouldn’t go into the cookie jar. They know what is appropriate and what’s not right? So they know when they overstep the boundaries and they want to see “Oh, what else can I do? Oh, is she going to drive halfway? Oh, is she going to do my laundry? Oh, she also is going to cook for me?” 

So, we all want to have the most comfortable life possible. And if he does not have to put that much effort in, he will not put that much effort why would he, right? Look, we’re always trained to go with the path of least resistance. So why would we choose the path of most resistance if we could have it a much easier way and then use his own energy, his own capacity for other things that he wants to manifest in the world, maybe for his career or for his health or for his community. 

So he’s going to test you because he wants to see what he can get away with and if you set the boundaries clearly. So he knows, okay, I can’t get away with this. She will call me out when I’m coming home late. Or if I’m super drunk or if I don’t text her when I say I will text her. She will call me out. And that will again, make him respect you tremendously. 


Those are the five reasons why guys test boundaries and why do men test women all the time. And look, we do it too as well. So what I’d love to hear from you, of course, the question of the day is how do you think your man is testing you? Like what’s his real reason? What helped you the most in this article today? And then of course, if you liked it, share it, subscribe to my blog. And of course engage of course also in the comment section, let’s have a conversation about it!

And if you really wanted to know more about how to interact with the opposite sex and you really have no idea how to be in the tension, how to be in the unknown, then I also invite you to take my Magnetize Your Man quiz by clicking that button below as well!

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